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How to Find a Business Address

by Techies Guardian
How to Find a Business Address

Businesses usually have a physical address, which serves as a headquarters or the location where goods/services are sold. That said, it’s not always easy to know where a business is located. This is especially tricky when most of a company’s operations take place online.

The good news is that you can find the address of any business when you know where to look. Plus, finding and accessing this information is safe and legal according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act because it’s a public record.

Read on to learn how to find a business address, even with limited information about the company.

Can You Find a Business Address?

Finding a business address isn’t challenging and only takes a few minutes, so yes, you can find someone’s business address. This applies to most business locations and even online companies because they still need a mailing address. Whether or not you can visit that location depends on the company.

What’s the Difference Between a Home Address and a Business Address?

Home addresses are where people live and receive mail for personal purposes. It’s listed on someone’s driver’s license and used for general purposes. Business addresses, on the other hand, are the home address of a company. Therefore, it’s the place where mail is sent to a company, and it’s used for general record keeping. Many people who own a small business will keep their business address and home address separate.

Business addresses and home addresses also have some different rules. For example, you can’t list a commercial business address as your primary residence.

Can a Business Address be a Home Address?

Yes, a business address can be a home address. In these cases, someone may be a contractor and work out of a home office. Other types of businesses, like online businesses, may also use a home address as a business address. The best way to determine if an address is a home or business address is to use a public records search tool or to inquire with the town.

How to Determine if an Address is a Primary Address or Business Address?

The best way to determine the purpose of an address is to run it through a reverse address lookup tool. These are tools that allow you to view the public records available about a specific address. We always recommend using Information.com‘s address lookup tool because it’s easy to use, accurate, and safe. All you need is the person’s name, city, state, and address. Then, open the full report to learn more about the address.

3 Ways to Find a Business Address

Business addresses don’t have to be hard to find. In fact, we have three quick ways to help you find businesses fast. Learn about each type below.

1. Google Search

The fastest way to find a business address is to run a Google search on the name of the company. Large companies (corporations) are easy to find online, so you can find the address with a quick search. Many small businesses and other companies also have their addresses listed on Google.

Unfortunately, Google won’t work for every situation. While it’s the fastest method, it’s not the most reliable option. For example, you might not find a contractor’s address on Google because they may use the same address for home and business. Additionally, they may not have a unique business name, which makes them harder to find.

In these cases, we recommend using a people search tool like Information.com to learn more.

2. Address Lookup

People search tools like Information.com are perfect for finding an address. In fact, people search tools are the best option when you need to find a small business address or the business address of a contractor. All you need to start your search is their full name and the state they reside in. From there, run the search and open the full report to learn everything you need to know about an address.

Aside from finding someone’s business address, you’ll learn the following:

  • Court records
  • Criminal records
  • Sex offender status
  • Purpose of an address (commercial or residential)
  • Previous owners of the address
  • Landlines connected to the location
  • Email addresses associated with the person or address

Depending on whom you search, you may have some or all of this information. Plus, you’ll find anything else that’s public record.

3. Call the Company

Another way to find an address is to call the company. Calling the company works in most cases because businesses usually don’t have anything to hide. However, contractors and independent freelancers may be weary of providing you with addresses. Therefore, calling the company is hit or miss.

Find a Business Address Today

Business addresses are easy to find because they’re public records. Plus, most business addresses are available on the company’s website or online. That said, you won’t find everyone’s address this way. Whenever you run into trouble, always use a reputable public records search tool like Information.com to find the information you need.

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