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About Techies Guardian

We welcome you to Techies Guardian. Our goal at Techies Guardian is to provide our readers with more information about gadgets, cybersecurity, software,  hardware,  mobile apps, and new technology trends such as AI, IoT, and more.

Who We Are?

Techiesguardian.com is a project that was born as a personal blog written by professional techies and digital marketers. It is dedicated to the whole thing we like and are interested in. It began publication in 2020, even though the first entries come from the same year.

We usually describe it as a popular site about technology, science, gadget, IoT, AI, and any latest technology and popular products. Internet and much more, but the reality is that it is more complex than all that: it has a lot of notes on humor and other very various topics that interest us authors, and games, aviation, of chance, urban legends, gadgets, large or small conspiracies or puzzles, We Techies Guardian also publish movies and books reviews, some personal experience, from our respective jobs or from close people, and anything else that we feel like.

The authors of Techies Guardian call ourselves a group of geeks or passionate about technology. We do this blog because we like it, and we take pleasure in it. As it is a bit handmade blog, it is subject to all types of limitations and biases; the most evident is that the annotations usually incorporate own appreciations, from time to time strange touches of humor or that the information of telling something or making it enjoyable and fun sometimes reigns over rigor. This is not the Scientific American or the New York Times: it is a blog written by common people in the close language(words), with the pros and cons that all this implies.

Occasionally we publish annotations related to those we write in other thematic blogs, magazines, or newspapers, with which we collaborate or work together. This is because, in addition to this space, we write down or create articles for companies, agencies, and other specialized and professional blogs and magazines.

Occasionally Techies Guardian also carries out interventions on radio, Tv, or round tables and conferences. When it is feasible, and we have time, we usually republish these contents also on the blog, indicating where they come from.

A simple way to follow everything we post here is through the Twitter of @ Techies Guardian, the Techies Guardian Facebook page, or our Techies Guardian Linkedin.

If you are fascinated in learning more about “how Techiesguardian.com” or seeing some of the common questions asked by readers or viewers, you can consult the FAQ about

Techies Guardian, Rules, and Advice that answers the Frequently Asked Questions.

What We Do?

Techiesguardian.com is an independent technology publication site with the aim of covering, analyzing, commenting, investigating and discerning about technology, IoT, science, AI, Data Science, Gadgets, etc.,

Techiesguardian.com was founded in 2020 as a network of blogs focused on different editorial niches, including technology, Gadgets, film, television, music, or the engine. Today techiesguardian.com has established itself as one of the fastest-growing and most influential digital media websites in the English language, located at the intersection of technology, science, and the humanities.

Techiesguardian.com has commercial offices in the United States, and also to standard advertising offers, and it offers branded or quality of content and social media solutions.

What do we do?

Techies Guardian offer advertising solutions in dissimilar formats, display, branded content, guest post, product reviews, banner ads, and personalized campaigns, always working closely with our customers and agencies.

Advertising, Display advertising(digital display advertising), related, and programmatic content widgets. We work with our customers(clients) to develop creative and personalized advertising pieces.

Branded Content
Our branded content is first-class, Techies Guardian pride ourselves on the brand content we create, and we want to connect our viewers with the brands that trust us.

Techies Guardian works closely with companies that want to develop an editorial line that better tells what the brand does, which creates an audience and is much closer.

Our Vision 

To show the world(people) what makes your business different, it is essential to enhance your ideas to make your project stand out from the competition.

Techies Guardian wants to help you find the exceptional in your business. Because we know that you are special, we will take the values of your business and strengthen them. So that your company is extra attractive to your clients because a unique(special) and irreplaceable identity is the greatest magnet to attract customers(audience).

Techiesguardian.com is a company of comprehensive marketing projects for the technology, sectors. Techies Guardian has been contributing to the growth of small and medium-sized companies(business) that need to highlight and transform their ideas into big projects because we are passionate about continuing to transform projects into authentic works of art.

About Us

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We welcome you to Techies Guardian. Our goal at Techies Guardian is to provide our readers with more information about gadgets, cybersecurity, software, hardware, mobile apps, and new technology trends such as AI, IoT and more.

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