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Not Receiving Emails in Gmail? Fix it

by Techies Guardian
Emails in Gmail

Email is a widely used platform that is part of the day-to-day life of both private users and companies. There are many providers that we can use, although, without a doubt, one of the most popular and used is Gmail. Sometimes problems can arise. We can have errors when receiving an email. In this piece of writing or article, we are going to talk about it. We are going to explain why an emails from Gmail does not reach us. We will give some tips to avoid them.

Why Can’t I Get an Emails to Gmail?

This is something that, at some point, has happened to many users. We have to receive an emails in Gmail, and it doesn’t finish arriving. We despair because time passes, but we still do not see it.

It can be due to very different reasons, as we will see below. Luckily most of them can be solved by users since you simply have to make a small change or access a tray within the platform.

Check the Spam Tray

Undoubtedly one of the major causes of not receiving emails in Gmail is that the email we are waiting for has reached the Spam tray. There come junk emails, advertising that we do not want, etc. However, on many occasions, legitimate emails can also sneak in, which may even be important to us.

Therefore the first step if we do not receive an email in Gmail is to go to the Spam tray. Maybe there we can find and open it. In addition, in that case, we should indicate that it is not spam so that the same thing does not happen again with that address on another occasion.

See if We Have Blocked the Address

Usually, email providers offer the ability to block addresses. We can add accounts to a blacklist to avoid receiving emails(email in Gmail) that we do not want.

Now, it may be the case that we mistakenly add an address to that list. Maybe we even have an address that we are not interested in at any given time, but finally, we are going to need to receive an email.

Therefore we can take a look at the list of blocked addresses and see if that email does not reach us because we have it blocked.

Have we Created Rules?

It is also possible that on platforms like Gmail, we create rules. This means that we will block certain emails that contain a word or phrase. For example, if we don’t want to receive offers from a certain brand, we can block it.

But of course, sometimes, these rules are not perfect, and a legitimate email may contain a word or phrase that we are blocking by mistake. Therefore, another option is to consult the rules that we have been able to create to see if the problem lies there.

Use the Search Engine

Sometimes that emails(email in Gmail) that we are waiting for has arrived. However, many users have a lot of unread emails or have a messy tray. This could cause a certain email received to be lost or forgotten.

We can use the search engine that is integrated into Gmail to see if that email is actually in the inbox, but we have not seen it. It is also a simple and basic process.

See if There are Connection Problems

Another very present issue to receive an email in Gmail is that we have problems with the Internet connection. We are still waiting for an email to arrive in our inbox, and it does not appear in our Gmail because we are simply not connected.

This can happen if we are, for example, connected to the mobile, and at that moment, there is no coverage. No matter how much we update the inbox, that email that we should receive will not appear in Gmail.

Therefore, we must check if we are really connected to the Internet or not to receive an email in Gmail. In case of problems, we must choose a network that allows us to navigate correctly.

Check if there is No More Space

Finally, we must also check if we have run out of space in the inbox to receive an email in Gmail. This is something that, although it is less and less present. It is true that it could happen without us realizing it.

There comes a time when we have stored so much in our tray. So many emails with attachments, that in the end, there is no room for more. This makes all incoming mail unable to be stored.

In short, if we have problems receiving an email in Gmail, it may be due to one of the issues we have discussed. We simply have to take these steps into account to see if the problem is solved or not. So we can maintain communication.

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