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Everything You Need To Know About Internet Throttling

by Techies Guardian
Everything You Need To Know About Internet Throttling

Everything You Need To Know About Internet Throttling – Have you ever noticed that we have become largely dependent on the internet? From satisfying our entertainment pangs to learning a new skill, from taking online classes to working from home, from raising our voices to shopping all day, everything has become accessible through the internet. If you live in a large household like myself, you would additionally find out that everyone from grandparents to 2-year olds is infatuated with the online world. Moreover, all age groups lose it when the internet connection suffers dips and outages. We all know that occasional problems with the internet are understand, however, being deprived of the connection by your ISP feels like a criminal activity.

In this article, we would be discussing all that you need to know about Internet Throttling so you never have to just sit without a clue, ever again.


Throttling the internet is not a new concept. You might know it by these terms: Bandwidth Throttling and Traffic Shaping. It happens when your internet service provider purposefully restricts your internet speed or bandwidth. Your ISP may be tampering with your bandwidth capacity for specific services and websites, or at a specific time. Internet Throttling, often,is done to affect activities that consume high amounts of the internet like sharing heavy files, video streaming, and gaming.

Since the authorization of Net Neutrality, numerous internet service providers have begun to throttle the internet. We live in a time that is reigned by the internet and therefore, you should connect with internet providers that are sound and solid in their operations and provide internet speeds that they agree to, at all times.

Why do ISPs throttle the INTERNET?

There are various reasons as to why your internet service provider throttles your internet; we have assembled a list of the top reasons below:

Network Congestion

This one explanation really puts the Net Neutrality act in an agreeable position. As Uber puts surge charges on rides during top hours, internet service providers throttle the internet during top hours so every client can get some internet bandwidth. On the off chance that they do not go through with it, some of the clients would appreciate high internet speeds while a big chunk probably will not have any bandwidth, mostly.

Data caps

Does your internet speed go downhill mostly at the end of every month?

On the off chance that your response is ‘yes’, the explanation may very well be the basic instance of capped data. Ordinarily, ISPs put your internet connection under observation and once you cross your designated data cap, you may confront internet throttling. That being said, you should sign up with an ISP that offers unlimited bandwidth capacity without any data caps. If you go by my recommendation, you should go through Spectrum promotions to find out about the guaranteed high-internet speeds, no data caps, complimentary security suite, free modem, and free nationwide access to millions of hotspots.

Paid Prioritization

Internet service providers throttle your internet when you utilize certain applications and websites. This occurs so you are debilitated to utilize these websites. Clients have confronted this problem when utilizing Netflix and Hulu. ISPs perform such throttling so these websites would pay them more in order to improve user experience. Before the FCC passed the Net Neutrality act, paid prioritization was legal.

Illegal activities

On the off chance that a customer is engaging in some illegal operations on the web, ISPs can very much so throttle the internet so their involvement in such exercises is blocked.


Internet service providers can channel active internet traffic to split it into two lanes.

Slow Lane comprises of the data and information that endure infrequent throttling. This incorporates Torrent, YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix.

Fast Lane comprises of data and information that is free of throttling. This incorporates net surfing, web browsing, and social media websites.

Traffic types and websites that are likely throttled:

Video Streaming: YouTube, Netflix, Twitch, Hulu

Gaming: Fortnite, League of Legends, World of Warcraft

File-Sharing: RDP, Usenet, Torrent


We have listed down a few steps that can help you detect internet throttling:

Read your contract and check out the bandwidth capacity you are being charged for, by your ISP. This is a significant advance since you would prefer not to fabricate a case without knowing the nuts and bolts, right?

Test your Internet Speed

When you know about the internet speed that you ought to get, you should know the internet speed you are getting in actuality, as well. Test your internet speed for this reason. For this reason, you can visit sites like Speedtest by Ookla or speedsmart.net.

Moreover, you should run this speed test when your internet is not being consumed by more than one device (the one you would take the speed test on). Online activities like video streaming or file sharing can significantly affect your speed test.

Install a VPN

When you have the answer to your speed test on you, download a decent VPN to take another speed test. Mostly, internet providers throttle the internet of a particular zone during a specific time. Realizing this, a speed test while being associated with a VPN is needed to ensure the outcomes and that if your ISP is throttling your internet speed in actual or not.

Analyze the speed results

At this point, you would have gotten both the speed test results. Analyze both the internet speeds and in the event that they appear to be comparable, it is all OK and you are experiencing a general, periodic connection dip. However, if you find out that your internet speed is better when associated with a VPN, it would mean that your internet provider is throttling your internet for real.

Prior to signing up with an ISP, you should try to have a long and direct discussion with your potential internet provider so that there is no disarray or miscommunication. On the off chance that the outcomes show a colossal contrast between what you were guaranteed and what you are getting, converse with your ISP and if the situation remains the same, you ought to think about switching to a reliable ISP.


In the event that you discover that your internet is being throttled, you can fix the issue with these easy steps:

Check your bandwidth occasionally

On the off chance that you have purchased a capped internet plan, the principal thing you ought to do is to keep an eye on your internet use. In the event that you discover that you go the data cap consistently every month, it most likely is an ideal opportunity to update your internet plan.

Treat yourself to a good VPN

This might be your smartest option. Having a decent VPN can help you get away from the internet throttling. In any case, you should realize that websites like Hulu and Netflix can detect most VPNs and do not permit their utilization while on the site.

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