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7 Unique Ways To Say Goodbye To A Leaving Coworker

by Techies Guardian
Unique Ways To Say Goodbye To A Leaving Coworker

Unique Ways To Say Goodbye To A Leaving Coworker – It’s essential to give your coworker a sense of appreciation for their time with the company, whether they’re departing to pursue other opportunities, are being transferred to a new location, are taking a leave of absence to attend school, or retiring from the service. It would be great for them to know that their work is appreciated and that they are valued as an integral part of the organization.

Ways To Say Goodbye To A Leaving Coworker

Finding a unique way to send them off can be a morale booster and show the remaining staff that the organization values every one of them. This positive gesture implies that the company recognizes their hard work to fulfill their responsibilities.

However, it would help if you kept in mind that people have different personalities. You must choose the right way to say goodbye to them. Here are a few suggestions on how you can create the perfect going away party for coworker without making the whole thing a sad affair.

Come Up With A Slack Thread

Starting a slack thread will engage the rest of the staff members to share any compliments, good words, memorable moments, or farewell messages they may have for their leaving coworker. To set the tone, you can start with top management giving their messages before proceeding to the other staff members. Slack threads bring a sense of belongingness among colleagues and are one of the best ways to show gratitude. In addition, this is the time to share any fond recollections  of the departing team member through photos and videos.

Buy Functional Gadgets

There’s no better way to say farewell than with a gadget that your coworker can use in their next endeavor. You can show your support and best wishes by giving them something useful, such as a laptop, watch, mug, or any other item you think they’ll appreciate.

Buy A Team Farewell Card

A farewell card is a keepsake that you can treasure for a long time. You want to get a farewell card and let everyone put in a simple farewell message or sign. Give this to your coworker as a reminder of how you appreciate their time in the organization. While this may seem like something simple, it’s a touching gesture. Some people like their farewell as quiet as can be, and a card would be appropriate for such personalities.

Organize A Mock-award Ceremony

You can organize a mock-award ceremony for a team member who has impacted your company. The only difference is that the ceremony will be centered on one person, your leaving coworker. Give them trophies or letters of recommendation showing their achievements in the company. Moreover, you can take it a notch higher and leave recommendations on their LinkedIn profiles. This is not only a kind gesture but also helps them in their future career.

Create A Digital Address Book

Once a team member exits the company, it’s easy for them to lose touch with former colleagues. One thoughtful way of saying goodbye is coming up with a digital address book. This way, they can always keep in touch. You can request your colleagues to share contact information they only feel comfortable with, like social media handles and personal emails. Then combine all the information in one address book and give it as a gift to your colleague to let them know you are willing to remain connected even after they leave the company.

Purchase A Self Care Package

Depending on how well you know your colleague and their preferences, you can organize to buy a self-care package for them. or you can organize a holiday destination trip they have longed to go to. Suppose the budget is favorable to you and your colleagues. In that case, you can all contribute and surprise them with an all-expenses-paid vacation.

Organize A Going Away Party

Everyone loves a party once in a while. Having a going-away party for the leaving employee will allow coworkers one final chance to say goodbye to them before they leave. There are various party ideas you can explore. If you’re throwing a party for a coworker, make it memorable by tailoring it to their interests and hobbies. It would be best if you got everyone involved in organizing the party. With this in mind, be sure that those closest to the colleague leaving are given priority in organizing since they are already familiar with the employees‘ preferences.

Typically, a party is an excellent opportunity to present any of the gifts mentioned above. It’s also the best time to reminisce on any memories you may have shared in the office. You can also incorporate games and trivia as part of the party activities.

Lastly, ensure the speeches are brief and relevant to the day’s theme, and have a professional photographer on-site if the budget allows.


While it’s unfortunate to see a colleague go, it’s also an opportunity to wish them well on their next chapter in life. There are many unique ways to say goodbye to a coworker, and it’s up to you to choose the perfect way to send them off. Whether it’s a slack thread, a funny goodbye card, or throwing them a going away party, make sure to let them know how much you appreciate their contribution to the company and how much they’ll be missed.

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