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What is a WiFi Heatmap and How it Improves our Connections?

by Techies Guardian
WiFi Heatmap

We all want to surf the Internet at best possible speed. However, sometimes the signal quality is not good. This occurs mainly when we connect through wireless networks, and we are very far from the access point, or saturation is very great. Luckily we can make use of different devices and technologies that help us to improve this problem. In this article, we are going to explain what a WiFi heatmap is.

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WiFi Networks, Increasingly Present

It is a reality that wireless networks are increasingly present in our day to day. There are many devices that we can use that connect to the network without the need for cables. If we look back, just a few years ago, it was normal to surf the Internet from a computer connected to the router by cable.

This has changed, and currently, the most normal thing is to connect from devices that work through WiFi. This provides a series of positive points, such as comfort to navigate without being plugged into a cable, greater mobility, and compatibility with devices.

But of course, all this also has some disadvantages. The clearest one is that distance matters a lot when it comes to WiFi. The further away we are from the router, the worse. Therefore, the speed of the connection may decrease, and the problems begin. We could even go offline or have small cuts if the stability is not very good.

However, as we have indicated, we can use some options that help us improve this problem. Let’s see what a WiFi heatmap is.

What is a WiFi Heatmap?

We all know that whenever(when) we connect to a WiFi network, it does not work the same in one area as in another. For example, in our house, it may be that in a room, the signal reaches better, and we have more speed. In another, however, we may not even be able to connect.

A WiFi heat map consists of making a study of the coverage available in a certain place. For example, we can do it in a home, building, work area. It basically consists of creating a map of that place with the information related to the signal that reaches us there. A kind of graph to know at which points the speed can be higher and at which points we must take action if we want to navigate with some normality.

Something basic would be that this map of our house is divided into three colors: green, yellow, and red. The first color would be for areas where there is a good connection, where we will not have problems browsing WiFi, while yellow would be the areas with problems and where the speed can be worse. The red color would represent areas without coverage or with great problems.

Making a WiFi heatmap can be very interesting if we want to optimize the wireless signal in our home. We will know exactly where we can connect better and take steps to improve it.

Let’s say that in some rooms, the signal is bad. We make a WiFi heat map and notice that what comes to us there is not enough to navigate correctly. This may tell us to install a WiFi amplifier in this area to improve the connection, for example. This way, we can solve the problem.

Tools for Making a WiFi Heatmap

We have a extensive range of possibilities to create a WiFi heat map. There are many applications for all types of operating systems that we can use. Let’s see some of the main ones.

One of the most popular options for Windows is Acrylic Wi-Fi. It allows us to create a heat map and analyze the connection in our home. Basically, what it does is measure the signal in the different points, as well as scan access points around us to obtain all the necessary information. In this way, we can know correctly how the connection is in a certain area. We can download the tool and get more information on its website.

But today, many users use mobile devices more than computers. We also find many applications for this type of equipment. One of them is the WiFi Heatmap. It is available for Android and once again allows us to create a heat map. It analyzes the wireless network’s speed, the areas with the best coverage and shows us a map with the graphic data.

In short, a wifi heatmap is something interesting that we can use in our day to day. One more way to optimize the wireless signal in our home and avoid having problems that may affect our navigation. In any case, we leave you an article with tips to improve Wi-Fi at home.

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