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Why is copywriting important for marketing?

by Techies Guardian
Why is copywriting important for marketing

Why is copywriting important for marketing? – It doesn’t matter if you are selling products or services or you are just collecting leads. Copywriting is a really strong tool in the marketing field. You can increase your brand awareness, people will get to know you better and you can create your own community.

People will notice your messages to them and they will feel better for buying from you and not from your competition who does not do copywriting.

What can you achieve thanks to copywriting?

As we mentioned, copywriting can help you with many things. In this part we will look at some of them.

  1. Build your brand image – Brand image refers to how your company wants to show itself to your audience. This can affect your customer’s perception of your brand and reflects on some of their habits, for example, buying products or services from you. Copywriters should be able to understand the image you want to put forward and work to create it through their content. Your content can reflect your brand image through many things, such as tone, relatability or language. If your content is average it can reflect that your company is in a substandard manner. You do not want to do that.
  2. Create value-driven content – Maybe you do not know this but every sentence on your website has to serve a specific purpose in order to get your readers interested and hooked. You will have only one chance to create the right impression. Readers look for insights and good quality information.
  3. Unique insight into your audience’s mind – Every successful business is using copywriting to communicate with their company’s audience. You can apply different strategies to discover what is the best content for your company. For example, you are selling food-nutrition supplies. You start to do some tutorials, tips on how to exercise from home and you put some of your products in the article. Many people will open that article and will notice that you are drinking your protein shake during the workout. They would love to do that too.

Get more organic traffic

Thanks to copywriting you can improve your SEO (search-engine-optimization) and achieve better organic traffic. Not everything is only about selling a specific product. As we mentioned in one example before, imagine that you are selling food-nutritions such as vitamins, protein shakes etc.

People who do not exercise do not know if they need to drink protein shake. If you start doing your copywriting correctly, you will promote some articles focused on exercises, tips and tutorials, you can promote your own products in your articles. After some newbie who wants to start exercise will read your guide, he will notice that protein shake can help him to achieve results faster and he will buy it. Boom, you have a new client and new conversion.

If you will write quality content you will be in the top results of Google. You can use this opportunity to promote your business. If you want to promote your business or products even more, try one of the apps that market offers, such as BlueWinston.

Some tips for copywriters

If you do not want to hire any copywriter or your business is just too small and you want to do it by yourself, you can read some of our tips on how to improve your copywriting skills.

  1. Your every word matters – You need to pick words very carefully. Every word matters and it can help you with SEO and ranking on Google results. Do not use unnecessary words just to extend your content and try to be as simple as possible.
  2. Headline is really important – Your headline should be intriguing and impactful. You need to gain the attention of the reader right when he reads the headline. Some studies show that people will look at the headline only for 3 seconds before they decide if they will read your article or not.
  3. Do not just write a smart copy, you need to write a copy that sells – As we mentioned before, you can do many different articles but you still need to sell something. Your content could be informative and readers will be intrigued, but you also need to promote your business.
  4. Do not speak down to your followers and audience – Many beginners make this mistake. While you are writing content, never speak down to your audience. It does not matter how great or life-changing your service or product may be, people won’t buy it if your language or tone you use is condescending.
  5. Make it simple and use interesting graphics – Many articles are very text-heavy. If you want to share some message you do not need to use only text. You can create catchy info-graphs, graphics that will tell your message in a different, more interactive way.


As you could read, copywriting is really crucial if you want to build your brand properly. You will get many new customers and your audience will feel that you are really there for them and you want to bring them only the best products, services and content. We wish you good luck!

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