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Upload problems? Improve the Speed in Drive or Dropbox

by Techies Guardian

Cloud storage has become an extensively used option by users. We can have multiple platforms that are part of our day to day. We speak, for example, of Google Drive or Dropbox, but there are many more. Services that allow us to create backup copies, free up physical disk space, and, most importantly, always have those files available anywhere. However, sometimes when we go to upload folders, it goes very slow. In this article, we will explain how to upload files to Drive or Dropbox with better speed.

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How to Upload Files to the Cloud with Better Speed?

Use Updated Programs

When we use cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox, we are likely to use their applications. It is true that we can also use the web version, where we will not need to install anything, but generally, we use the programs, especially if we are using mobile devices.

Now, the programs we use must be correctly updated. The normal thing is that each new version brings performance improvements, and that also translates into being able to upload files faster and not have problems.

But you also need or have to keep in mind that updated software can fix vulnerabilities that affect security. Beyond avoiding problems in terms of speed and quality, we will also correct bugs that may put our privacy and the devices themselves at risk.

Safe and Stable Browser

But as we say, we also likely use the web version to upload files to the cloud. In this case, the browser that we use will be essential. Here there may be notable differences between one and the other when it comes to quality.

It is vital that the browser that we are using to use the cloud is safe, is correctly updated, and is stable. If we use an obsolete one that does not have current and quality features, we may have performance and speed problems.

For this reason, our advice is to use reliable, reliable browsers that are correctly updated and serve to use the cloud with total reliability.

Focus the Connection

This is another very important question. Sometimes we are trying to upload a large file to Drive or Dropbox, and we see that it is slow. The reason may be in the use of that connection. We may have other computers using available resources and consuming bandwidth.

Our advice is to focus on the connection. If we are going to upload files to the cloud, it is interesting that we are not using other devices to download or upload data to the network. In this way, the connection is concentrated, and we can take more advantage of the available resources.

Improve our Internet

Is it a problem with our Internet? It most likely is. If we notice that when uploading files, the speed is not the best, that we have serious problems, the Internet connection that we are using may be behind it.

Very especially, it can happen if it is wireless networks. In that case, we must try to improve our Internet. We can use amplifiers, PLCs, Wi-Fi Mesh systems. We have many devices and technologies that can help us make wireless connectivity work as well as possible.

Spread File Upload

If we are going to upload very large files, it might be a good idea to divide it into several. In this way, we do not suddenly load Drive or Dropbox so much content. Let’s say that we are going to upload a folder full of videos and photos. It may be a good thought to divide all the content into several folders and upload them little by little.

In this way, we avoid uploading a very large file at once, which would mean having to wait a long time. We can distribute them in several and, in this way, does the rise.

Are You on the Mobile? Wi-Fi is the Solution

A very common problem is trying to upload files to the cloud from your mobile. If 3G or 4G networks connect us, it is possible that the coverage we have is not the best. That would mean speed or stability problems that affect the load.

Therefore, our advice is to always search for a Wi-Fi network when we upload files to the cloud. In this way, we will improve the worth and stability so that the rise time is as short as possible.

In short, these are some tips to improve the upload of files to Drive or Dropbox. Some recommendations so that the loading time decreases and does not have problems that may affect our connections.

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