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Scheduling Software with Microsoft Integration Capabilities

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Every meeting needs a who, what, when, and where to get everyone in the room and get started. Your calendar will tell you when to arrive. The invitee list will tell you who’s coming. How do you book a room and signal to everyone to meet there?

Maybe you have a separate clunky shared calendar for room reservations and then you have to go back to the Outlook meeting invite and update the location yourself. There is a better way.

When you purchase dedicated scheduling software Microsoft, you’ll have a platform to schedule meeting space among many other functional features.

Purchase Shared Workspace and Room Scheduling Software

When you purchase dedicated software for shared workspace and room reservations, you unlock a powerful tool to help your business maximize the use of space and coordinate projects. Room scheduling software will allow you to book a room and automatically send an email meeting invite. It will link with Microsoft Outlook to put the meeting on everyone’s calendar. You can place the program on your organization’s Microsoft Exchange or SharePoint platform for easy access.

Enhance Your Ability to Monitor and Track Project Meetings

Room scheduling software will more easily show you when you had a meeting, who was invited, and the topic of discussion. This will allow you to track your meetings through the lifecycle of a project more easily than scrolling through your Outlook calendar trying to figure out the last time you might have met. You can also collaborate on and modify the meeting details right inside the software, keeping all of that information in one place.

Analyze Your Room Usage

Especially if you’re a business looking to maximize or downsize your space, Microsoft scheduling software’s ability to analyze room usage gives you powerful information to make enterprise-wide decisions. You could analyze whether you have too many or too few meeting rooms, whether your teams are meeting more in open spaces or behind doors, and whether accounting keeps borrowing engineering’s board room because their meeting space isn’t big enough to fit their needs.

Use Touchpads and Kiosks to Share Information Seamlessly

Another advantage of Microsoft scheduling software is the increased ability for those not in a meeting to see who is using the room and when it might be freed up. In addition to seeing the information easily in the room scheduling program from any desktop, you can install touchpads outside of meeting rooms that will automatically update with the meeting taking place, show future meetings, and allow employees to schedule an impromptu meeting right outside the room with a few clicks.

Purchase Microsoft Scheduling Software to Upgrade Everything

When you purchase Microsoft scheduling software made for room scheduling instead of a calendar and email application, you streamline finding a room, notifying everyone, and getting it on the calendar. You save your employees the headache of juggling room scheduling while giving yourself the capacity to better understand how employees, work groups, and project groups are using the rooms. It’s a worthwhile investment in office functionality.

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