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5 Ways SOAR Security Solutions Can Benefit Your Business

by Techies Guardian
5 Ways SOAR Security Solutions Can Benefit Your Business

Ways SOAR Security Solutions Can Benefit Your Business – Security orchestration, automation, and response is a SOC integration that aims to bring efficiency while improving incident response, even when facing countless security alerts. SOAR functions with several components to streamline incident response plans.

With this, the three central components of SOAR are security orchestration, which is a process that uses alerts and a strategy to incidents either manually or automatically. Automation aims to reduce the need for human interaction in repetitive and low-priority tasks. And lastly, incident response refers to a set of specific processes and software that work to effectively identify and address an incident.

Security orchestration and automation can minimize low-priority tasks as well as repetitive tasks, which enables analysts to focus on more critical work, which can then improve incident response even more.

Let’s delve into the primary benefits of using SOAR security in business security operations.

Quicker Response Time

Security orchestration can cluster alerts from different security systems into one single incident; this saves time. Moreover, security automation allows the system to respond with zero human intervention where possible, saving even more time and ultimately speeding up the process of handling alerts.

Better Threat Intelligence

SOC analysts are often overwhelmed with information, and adding threat intelligence to the list only enhances the amount of information to sort through. Instead, SOAR solutions can manage threat intelligence, giving analysts more time to focus on other matters.

Minimized Cyber Attack Risks

Mean time to detect and mean time to respond are valuable metrics that determine the impact a cyber attack has on a business. The longer it takes to respond to a cyber attack, the worse the effect. SOAR minimizes MTTD and MTTR.

Streamline Operations

Most tech solutions offer the generic benefit of streamlined operations, and SOAR solutions are no exception. Security orchestration bundles data from various sources, while automation sorts through repetitive and low-priority incidents and alerts. Moreover, incident response removes the guesswork from incident handling while limiting cyber attack impacts on the business.

Reduced Costs

Another primary benefit of tech innovations is reduced costs. SOAR solutions can minimize costs by reducing reporting, alert handling, shift management, playbook creation, and analyst training expenses for the business.

SOAR solutions also have other benefits to offer, like automated reporting and metrics, standardized communication, and easy integration.

Choosing The Best SOAR Platform

Now that you know how SOAR security can benefit an organization, you might be wondering how to find the best platform. The key features to look for in the right SOAR solution are customization, tracking and reporting, multi-tenancy, playbook creation, granular controls, threat intelligence management, application management, deployment, third-party integrations, and mobile capabilities.

After finding a software solution that offers these features, you can compare pricing and evaluate other factors like ease of use.

SOAR security solutions can streamline incident response and minimize the impact of cyber attacks on an organization. With security orchestration, automation, and incident response, this innovative solution enables analysts to invest their skills back into high-value areas.

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