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4 Ways to Connect to Wi-Fi in Windows

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Connect to Wi-Fi in Windows

Wireless networks have gained an important weight in our day to day. We have a wide range of possibilities in this regard. Several types of devices that connect to the network without using cables. In this article, we are going to talk about what ways we have to connect to Wi-Fi in Windows 10. We already know that it is the most widely used operating system today on desktop computers. We have different ways of connecting quickly. in addition, you can find many free crypto signals online.

How to Connect to Wi-Fi in Windows 10?

As we say, we have at our disposal different ways to connect to a Wi-Fi network from the Windows operating system. We are going away to show in this article four of those possibilities. They are all very simple and accessible to anyone who is using the Windows 10 system.

Why use different shapes? Sometimes, for different reasons related to our equipment, problems that we have in the system, updates that give errors. We cannot connect to Wi-Fi in the usual way, in the way we are used to. This can be a problem since we would be offline, we would have to resort to the cable or try to solve the problem in some way.

To avoid this, we can use different methods that are integrated into the system itself. We will not need to install any type of additional application.

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Use the Taskbar

Undoubtedly the classic option, the one most used by users, is to use the taskbar. This is what we see at the bottom right in Windows 10. There we will see the clock and date, as well as other icons related to the system, such as the battery or the speaker. The Wi-Fi icon will also appear (or should appear).

To connect Wi-Fi in Windows 10 from this option, we simply have to click on that icon, and it will show us the list of networks that we have available. They are all the Wi-Fi networks that are within the range of our network card. To connect to one of them, we just have to click on it and connect.

It is a simple and fast process, where the normal thing is that we also have to put the password of that network. In fact, connecting to open networks, without any type of passwords, is a problem that can put our security at risk.

Additionally, we can check the box to connect to that network automatically. In this way, whenever it is available, that we are within range, it will automatically connect without us having to do anything.

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Use the Control Panel

Another alternative is to utilize the Windows Control Panel to connect to Wi-Fi. Again we are facing a simple and fast process. To do this, we have to go to Start and write Control Panel. Once here, we have to give to Networks and the Internet and Center of networks and shared resources.

When we are in here, we have to click Configure a new connection or network. We give Manually Connect to a wireless network.

Once this is done, we will have to manually fill in all the data, such as the name of the network, the password, type of encryption. To later give it to connect.

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Through Settings

A third option is to connect to Wi-Fi in Windows 10 through Settings. To do this, we go to Start and click on Settings. We go to Network and Internet, and we enter Wi-Fi. There we click on Manage known networks.

As in the previous case, and once we click on Add new network, we have to fill in the data that it asks us to be able to connect.

Use Command Prompt

One last option to connect to a Wi-Fi network in Windows 10 is through the Command Prompt. To do this, we have to go to Start again, type Command Prompt and open it with administrator permissions.

We have to execute the command netsh WLAN show profile to show us the networks. Once we have the name of the network we want to connect to, we must execute the command netsh WLAN connect SSID = Name-of-network name = Name-of-network.

In short, By following these steps that we have stated, we can connect to a Wi-Fi network in Windows 10. As we can see, there are four different options, although, in the end, the objective is the same and is none other than to access a certain wireless network to which we have access.

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