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Rune is a New Tennis Star and a Very Complex Character

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Rune is a New Tennis Star and a Very Complex Character

Rune is a New Tennis Star and a Very Complex Character – Over the past few years, many tennis fans have been waiting for the next generation to replace Djokovic and Nadal. There were hopes for the generation of Medvedev-Zverev-Tsitsipas, but these guys – despite some obvious successes (mainly in the performance of Daniil) – began to lose momentum.

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Djokovic says he is the future

Rune is older than Alcaraz by six days, but for almost the entire year he has been in the shadow of the Spaniard. However, by the end of the season, it became clear that the rise of the Dane, if less impressive than the take-off of Carlos, is quite a bit.

Holger started the year generally outside the top 100 – on the 103rd line. In many ways, this was the result of a rating freeze, which the Dane complained about at the end of last season. Rune believed that if the rating worked normally, he would have been in the top 100 at the beginning of this season.

Rune has a scandal almost every week

What distinguishes Rune from Alcaraz is his ability to get into big and not so big scandals.

In general, for many, the first appearance of Rune is a story with homophobic cries on the Challenger last year. Since then, he has not had such problems, but something happens to him all the time.

The final of the tournament in Vienna is an ugly scandal with the referee Mohamed Layani, who did not notice the glare on the electronic banner during the draw and received a portion of insults and obscenities in response. And then Holger was still running around on social networks and proving to users that the referee did not work the match well.

And the Masters in Paris began a conflict with Stan Wawrinka, who after the match advised Rune «not to act like a child» – probably due to the fact that the Dane kicked the net and complained a lot. And this, by the way, is not the first time that Holger behaved like a child in a difficult match. At the US Open, he complained that Cameron Norrie was playing for time by tossing the ball several times.

Another interesting point: in Rune’s likes, you can find many interesting things that do not always correspond to refined tennis etiquette. For example, he liked tweets in which he was called to «crush Alcaraz like a bug», and after the Paris match they said that he destroyed the Spaniard physically and mentally. But the Dane’s fans claim that there is nothing malicious in this – he or his team simply likes everything where his name is mentioned.

At the same time, there is a lot of kindness in Holger’s social networks – for example, in Paris, he wrote to a fan who said that he did not have time to take a picture with him and offered to help with tickets for the next day in order to fulfill the dream of a photo.

Djokovic has said that Rune is similar to him in terms of game – but in terms of public perception, Holger also seems to be following the path of the Serb. On the way to maximum polarization, to be either hated for every little thing or idolized with every breath he takes.

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