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Why do I have More Upload Speed than Download Speed?

by Techies Guardian
Why do I have More Upload Speed than Download Speed - 2020

Internet speed is something that matters a lot to users, as we know. We can talk about going down and going up. Some connections are symmetrical (most nowadays), and it means that we are going to have the same levels. However, sometimes this could not be the case, and even the difference is very high. Why do we have more upload speed than download speed? We are going to show some common causes to be able to solve it.

More Upload Speed than Download

What normally matters most to users is the download speed. After all, it is what we are going to use to download files, play streaming videos, receive data, and more. But it is also essential to have a high upload speed to be able to upload files to the cloud, for example.

The current connections are usually symmetrical. This means that we have the same descent as up. For example, if we have contracted 300 Mbps of symmetrical fiber optics.

What can cause us to have more upload speed than download speed?

Other devices using the network

The first and most common thing is that we have more devices connected to that network, and they are downloading content. For example, if we have a television that receives streaming content. In this way, when not uploading content, when we do a speed test from another device, it can give us greater data on the upload than on the download.

This is something that can happen both when browsing cable and wireless networks.

Each Wi-Fi Device “Discounts” Speed

A specific case is when we use Wi-Fi. Keep in mind that, in this case, the connection is more limited to the capacity of the router. We receive and send signals through the Wi-Fi channel. Basically, we can say that each device connected and downloading data will decrease that capacity, despite the fact that our Internet connection is greater.

So the more computers we have connected to the wireless network and using downloads, the more difference there can be regarding the upload speed.

Problem with a Repeater or Amplifier

Are we connected through a repeater or an amplifier? Sometimes they can have problems that affect the speed of the Internet. This could be the reason why we get more rise than fall.

It is important that we have these devices well configured, that they are located in a good location, away from possible interference.

Outdated Firmware

Sometimes the problems with our connection are because we have outdated firmware. This can affect the router, the network card, or any intermediary device that we are using.

Therefore our advice is to always update our equipment. This is essential to also avoid security problems. Hackers could exploit flaws in carrying out their attacks. We can avoid this if we have the latest versions available.

Provider Problem

However, on other occasions, the problem depends on our provider. There may be problems with the line, and the upload speed is higher than the download speed. Sometimes even the difference can be excessive.

In this case, we will have to contact the company and see if there are any incidents. Especially we must control if this is not something punctual and always happens.

More Bandwidth Available on a Shared Network

If we share the Internet with other computers, for example, in a workplace, a public space, or, ultimately, any network accessed by other users, the available bandwidth may not be the same as the download.

At the finish of the day, the teams are going to consume more resources for download than upload. This will cause that if we do a speed test, there may be noticeable differences.

In short, these are some of the reasons that can cause a higher upload speed than download speed. As we see, it could be a problem with our network, with our devices, which we can easily solve. But it could also be some operator error, something that does not depend on us and therefore we must contact them to try to solve it.

As we always say, wireless networks are very important nowadays, and it is essential that we keep the equipment in good condition, updated, safe, and also make use of amplifiers to improve the signal. Also you can find more helpful resources at imtechies.

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