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Seven Psychological Tricks That Will Help You To Boost Your Online Sales

by Techies Guardian
7 Psychological Tricks That Will Help You To Boost Your Online Sales

Psychological Tricks That Will Help You To Boost Your Online Sales – What is the ultimate goal of all eCommerce stores? To increase its sales and earn profits. Right?

It would be silly of us to ask whether you want to increase your sales or not. Every enthusiastic entrepreneur intends to double his conversion, increase sales, and expand his business in the highly competitive market.

If you are struggling to increase your sales even after having an excellent website, commendable products, and an active consumer care team, then maybe you need to understand and learn the art of persuasion.

The majority of the businesses pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to the developers and marketers to increase their sales when the only thing they need is to make some minor changes in their marketing strategies and interaction with customers on the website.

A simple technique to boost your online sales is to apply eCommerce psychological strategies. It is pretty easy, and the results are promising too. In today’s article, we have listed some effective psychological tricks to convince your visitors to purchase on your website.

Before proceeding towards the tips and tricks, let us first understand sales psychology. It will help you understand consumer behavior in an online store and trigger him to buy from you.

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Sales Psychology

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think of the times when you went inside a superstore to buy a few things but bought some extra stuff too.

Do you always purchase the things that you need? Or do you end up buying a few things which you didn’t plan on buying?

The majority of the customers do the latter. Do you know the reason behind this extra buying? It is because of our subconscious mind. 95 out of 100 decisions are made by the customers subconsciously.

Brick-and-mortar stores have been leveraging upon it for a long time. They organize the shelves, use appropriate colors, and display discounts to target their customers’ psyche.

You can follow the same tactic!

By appealing to your customer psychologically, you can increase your sales and earn maximum profits. Below mentioned tricks are our top seven psychological tricks that will help you target maximum audiences and turn them into your customers.

Seven Psychological Tricks That Will Help You Boost Your Online Sale

1. Pricing Strategy

It is typical behavior of the customers to check the prices before they make a purchase. Price tags play an essential role to influence the buying decision of the customers. The first psychological trick for convincing your customer into buying from you is to adopt an intelligent pricing strategy.

a) Anchor Pricing

Anchor prices refer to the costs displayed as the original costs of the item with the sales prices. Have a look at this example:

Now $60, Was $100.

Here $100 is used as the anchor price to influence the person to get the item for a reduced price. The customers have the habit of comparing the costs of the goods. By placing an anchor price, his mind will subconsciously compare the before and after price. It will also trick him into buying the product as he doesn’t have to pay the original price.

Using the anchor pricing strategy, we do not want you to reduce your prices and lower your profit share.  Place a higher price next to your original price. It will trick your customer into comparing both the prices, and he will find the actual price reasonable.

b) Left-Digit Effect

Pricing your goods with 99 cents at the end is known as a left-digit effect. A person will prefer the good with a price of $29.99 then $30; why? Simply because of the psychological impact. He will be anchored to the left digit of the price even if it just makes the difference of a few cents. The customer will stick to the number 29 as it is less than 30.

Moreover, he can also put the product’s price in the range of $20-$30 compared to the $30-$40.

The mere difference of a cent will make your visitors perceive your item as more affordable.

2. Create A Sense Of Urgency

Buyers tend to make a quick decision about making a purchase when they have limited time.

Why would a person buy an item today when he can buy it tomorrow, next week, next month, or maybe next year? If a buyer is given much time to decide, he will delay the purchase. However, if you create a sense of emergency, they will think faster to decide about hitting the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Use the following tactics to create an emergency and make your buyer decide faster.

a) Make Out Of Stock Announcements

Customers hate to see the ‘Out of Stock’ tag with their favorite articles. It not only makes them feel frustrated but also angry with themselves. To rectify their mistake and get their hands on the product, they will not hesitate to respond to your restocking announcement.

Provide the options of pre-ordering or notifying the customers about the restocking of the product. They will buy the product once it is restocked and will not repeat their previous mistake of not purchasing the goods when they were in stock.

b) Limited-Time Offers

The best way to make a customer purchase from your website is to offer him a limited time to think. Trick your customer into believing that it will be in their favor if they take prompt action or utilize the limited-time offers.

For example, offering a flat 25% discount on newly launched products for the next 24 hours will make your customer hurry up to hit the ‘Buy Now’ product. This offer will make him believe that if he doesn’t purchase in the next 24 hours, he’ll have to pay the product’s original price.

c) Display Stock Levels

What happens when the last few pizza slices are left, and the entire group is eyeing it? Everybody hurries up to grab the remaining slices.

The same situation is created when you display the number of items left in the stock. When people see that the stock is getting scarce and the item will soon be marked as out of stock, they hurry up and purchase.

To elevate this trick’s effect, you can also display how many people are viewing a product. The more, the merrier, serious buyers will make sure to hit the buy now button before the other viewers.

These simple tactics will push your visitors to think and act faster. It will also make them believe that they are saving money when they are spending less and benefiting your eCommerce store by acting on time.

3. Demonstrate Credibility

This eCommerce psychological strategy is primarily for new visitors to the website. It is the standard behavior of the visitors not to buy anything from a new store. A survey found that 92% of visitors do not convert on their first visit.

However, you can persuade your new customers to buy from you by making them believe that numerous other customers trust your brand. The best way to do this is to strategically display customer reviews and testimonials on your website and social media pages to catch your new visitors’ attention.

More than paid advertisements, people are more influenced by what the general audience says about the product. 89% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase. If you are not displaying your customers’ reviews, you are losing the chance to convert a potential visitor into your customer.

Make sure to display the reviews where your visitors can easily read them. If they are placed at the bottom of the page or in the web page’s corners, they will not be noticed.

4. Make The Best Use Of The Word ‘FREE’

Customers love it when you give them something free. The word FREE can create excitement in your audience, and they will pay more attention to your products and deals if they are getting something free in return.

Use the following methods to attract your customers towards free products and services on your website.

a) Offer Free Gifts

It is the most effective strategy that you can use to convert your potential buyers. Offering gifts and samples to your customers on their purchases can drive them to shop from you.

You can also create a deal where you offer a free product to your valuable customers. Moreover, you can send them gift cards that they can redeem on your website.

b) Free Shipping

Did you know that 93 out of 100 people are inclined to shop from a brand that offers free delivery?

Customers are not happy when they have to pay for shipping service. By offering free shipping, you encourage them to buy from your store as they only have to pay for the ordered goods and not the shipping charges.

If offering free shipping on every order is not a feasible option for your business, you can offer free delivery to the customers who spend more than a specific amount. For instance, you can offer free delivery for orders above $100. It is a great strategy to make your customer spend more to avail of the free delivery service.

5. Upsell And Cross-sell Products Before Checkout

Upselling refers to the practice of tempting your customers into buying something of superior value to what they have purchased. On the other hand, Cross-selling suggests your customers to buy the products related to the item he is viewing or purchasing.

Every business should endeavour to convince the customers to buy more from their stores even when they are at the checkout stage.

No, you don’t have to force your customers to go back to your product pages. Instead, bring the products related to their purchase on the checkout page.

When customers see the items that complement their purchased articles, they don’t mind spending extra cash to buy them. For example, if a customer has purchased a laptop, you can suggest to him the products related to his purchase, like laptop bags, sleeves, stickers, or other items that he can use for his laptop.

This technique can also be applied under the title of ‘Customers also bought’ or ‘you may like’ on the product pages.

6. Offer Exclusive Discounts

Holding sales and offering customers reduced prices are other effective ways to target your audience psychologically. When people see their favourite articles at a discounted price, they do not delay buying them before the sale or deals end.

a) Discount Codes And Coupons

This strategy works wonders if you want the buyers to shop from you again or tempt your existing customers to visit your website.

By giving discounts codes and coupons via email, your customer feels special and enticed into buying items that he might not even need at that time. It is because he doesn’t have to pay the total price for purchasing a product.

b) Bundled Item Discount

Ever faced the dilemma of some products that won’t make it to customers’ carts, even after trying every tactic?

If yes, then we have a solution to this problem. Add those products with a high-selling product to create a deal. Customers are attracted when they get a good value deal or bundles.

For example, the sheet masks in the store are not bought by the audience. Then you can create a deal of buying a moisturizer and a sheet mask together for a discounted rate. You can also use the famous tactic of buy one get one free to make your sheet masks sell like hotcakes.

7. Expert Reviews And Opinions

The customers will place their trust in your products and brand if they are recommended, reviewed, or used by their favorite celebrity, influencer, or prominent key figures of the industries.

The best way to use this trick is by collaborating with the influencers of your niche. Influencers are people who have a large following on social media platforms. Collaborating with them will give your brand exposure to thousands of people who trust that influencer.

Look for the influencers who have organic followers and a high engagement rate. You can ask them to share their reviews about a product or create an engaging post about the products’ benefits and usage.

Bonus Tricks!

8. Make Your Customers Feel Valued

Don’t forget the famous saying, ‘Customers are King’, if you want the king to be happy with you and reward you by making a purchase, prioritize keeping him happy.

If you feel that our customer is viewing the items or scrolling the product page for a long time but not adding anything to his cart, you can send him a message and ask if he needs any assistance. If a customer has queries and doubts regarding the product, he cannot ask any salesperson in online stores. By having the live chat feature, you can easily interact with him, solve his problems, and guide him.

9. Use The Middle Effect

Consumers are likely to spend more when you provide them with more options. It makes it easier for them to compare the features and the prices of the goods presented to them.

The middle effect refers to when a customer is presented with three products; the first one is an expensive product, the second one has lesser price than the first, and the final product is the cheapest of all.

If you present the customer with an expensive and a cheaper product, he is more likely to select the cheaper one. However, by offering him three options, he will be inclined to spend a few dollars more to purchase the middle one, neither too pricey nor cheap.

10. Customize Product Packaging

Getting visually appealing custom packaging for your products means paying attention to details that would make your customers happy and satisfied. Gift boxes prove that the box commands as much attention as its contents.

There’s also a practical reason for being hands-on with the packaging, particularly the material and size. Poor or inadequate packaging can damage the products, resulting in negative reviews, refunds/returns, and, worst, lost customers.

While you can’t control everything the moment you ship out an order, you can choose the mailer or shipper boxes that fit your products perfectly and ensure that they are complete and in the best possible condition when they get delivered to the customer’s home.


Implement the above-mentioned eCommerce psychological tricks to see an improvement in your conversions, sales, and revenue. Do you know other psychological tactics that target the customers and entice them to buy from your store? Enlighten us in the comments below.

Author Bio:

Ricky Hayes is the Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at Debutify – free Shopify theme, helping dropshippers build high-converting stores in minutes. He is a passionate entrepreneur running multiple businesses, marketing agencies, and mentoring programs.

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