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Marketing Tips to Increase Footfall to Your Ecommerce Website

by Techies Guardian
Marketing Tips to Increase Footfall to Your Ecommerce Website

Marketing Tips to Increase Footfall to Your Ecommerce Website – According to a blog by Oberlo, 27.2% of the world’s population is shopping online. It means that there needs to be a lucrative system to make sure they get their needs. E-commerce is steadily rising as more and more shoppers are returning to make more purchases. As an online retailer, you will face some severe competition to stay ahead of the curve. You need to up your marketing strategy. Here’s how you do this:

1. Upsell Your Products.

Some businesses may find that upselling and cross-selling are far more effective than getting new customers.Your customers like to know the details about their products if they are of premium quality. It would help when a customer chooses to buy a product; you may guide through and suggest a better product or service.

When you’re looking to make an upsell to make a profit, you may need to make sure that the premium product relates to the original product. It would be impossible to sell something they don’t want for a higher price. Suppose your client is in the market to buy a new laptop. You can suggest the same brand with higher durability and memory. It would make them want to make a definite purchase.

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2. Use Instagram.

Not all social media platforms are equal. Although they serve the same purpose, specific platforms are more suitable for your ecommerce business. Instagram is a rising eCommerce platform. It now even comes with an option for online purchases as well. You can take compelling pictures, use hashtags, and post at the right time. Suppose you have something special in store for a particular day, such as for mother’s day. Since customers will feel inclined to buy an item for their mother, they will look into your unique products. You can even practice link building and let consumers find your website and other pages relevant to your business. Local SEO and e-commerce link building for your website are the best strategies that you can use, especially if you just started your online store.

You can even channel more organic traffic by making sure you talk to your customers over the comments section to make sure you keep them in the loop. You should occasionally go live and have a session with your customers, maybe even unpack new products for them to see.

3. Work On Your Email Campaigns.

Make sure you send regular and valuable emails to your customers. If you have a consistent timeline of project, they will know when to expect you. There are numerous occasions for you to send them an email. You can welcome them on their first purchase and follow up with gifts. You can send them newsletters and product tips to alert them about new discount offers. Thank your high-paying customers with a personal note and a gift. Finally, make sure you ask for regular surveys and ensure that you hear your customers as much as they hear you.

4. Anticipate Future Sales.

As much as you focus on making current sales, it would help if you had an element of prediction. If you see a steady rise in your product line, you would understand current market trends. Take it a step further and find out how your market should expand. You can do this by a variety of approaches and social media trends. You can always try it through A/B testing by showing your customers different webpages and see what resonates with them.

You can also try by slowly introducing new products into the market and see how your consumer base reacts to them. Not only would this inform you about what your customer expects, but it would also help you know what direction your business should go.

5. Start Content Marketing.

As an eCommerce store, you need to engage with your customers to increase their trust in you. Since you can’t do it in person, you need to do it through your business. You need to make engaging content for your customers. No matter how attractive your products look unless your customers have information on the product, they may not trust themselves enough to buy it. You can look into making infographics to talk about the popularity of your product. You can add videos and make commercials if it helps your product.

You can also ask guest bloggers to leave testimonials and make sure customers can see the reviews and ranking to decide. Don’t forget to add backlinks to get a high ranking and increase organic traffic reaching your website.

6. Optimize Your Webpage.

You need to make sure you get a high conversion rate on your webpage. Unless your website is easy to use and engage in, you may have trouble keeping consistent traffic and a low bounce rate. You may try conducting web page cro audit as much as you can to identify where you’re losing sales and how you can work on fixing these issues. Your consumers will see any change that you apply to your website. Ensure your optimization includes a faster loading page, a friendlier mobile page, and data with a proper structure.

7. Have A Personal Touch.

Every brand has its reputation. That means consumers know brands by their motto. You would never confuse Xbox for PlayStation even though they’re both gaming consoles. Apart from having its specifications, each brand has its name and tagline. It would help if you did the same for your business. The trick lies in the details. Make sure you design a good and easy-to-remember logo.

When you add a personal touch to your business, including boxing and packing, you also invite a sense of familiarity and comfort in your customers. When they feel connected with your packaging instead of a generic one with a thankyou note, they will return to make more purchases.

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Wrap Up

A marketing strategy is vital for any business. Don’t expect customers to turn up unless you know how to make them look in your direction. Start by upselling your products, assure your customers you have a bigger and better outcome for them at a better price but with the original purpose that they were going for. Utilize Instagram and its many features to have a solid social media presence. Work on your email campaigns and interact with your customers as much as possible. Try and predict future sales and optimize your webpage for your consumers. Don’t forget to add a personal touch to your brand.

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