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Proxifier – The Most Advanced Proxy Client 

by zeeh
Proxifier - The Most Advanced Proxy Client 

Proxifier – The Most Advanced Proxy Client 

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about Proxifier. This efficient and effective computer program allows users to make additional proxy connections on their devices to add privacy, security, or access to content.  Since internet use is slowly increasing worldwide, providers play a vital role in helping users change the appearance of their browsers.  

A proxifier is a tool that enables any application on your computer to connect through a proxy server when the program does not support it natively. Proxifier is a client-based proxy software application for the Windows operating system. It principally forwards and filters TCP/IP connections by using proxies to disguise the user’s IP address and unblock restricted internet access. So, make sure to read the full article about Proxifier. 

What is a Proxifier?

proxifier A provider is software that establishes a connection between the device and the Internet through an intermediate server known as the proxy. By feeding all internet traffic through a proxy server, proxies help hide the original IP address and location.  

People use proxifiers to unblock specific sites and content when restrictions or censorship are applied to their internet connection. They also use them to increase their anonymity while surfing the Internet. The proxifier is a security tool that is a proxy for the computer’s protocols.

A provider, in its way, functions like a proxy server since it forwards your internet requests to proxy servers instead of linking directly from your device’s IP address to the site or service. There is the choice of the list of public proxies that anyone can use or purchase the private proxies. The proxies act as a veil for the user’s info and make the requests under the proxy’s IP address.

The fact that sites interact with the proxy’s IP and not the IP of the end user’s computer helps it avoid some location-based identification attempts. Proxifiers are typically used to:

  • To bypass restrictions, hide your IP address and location to access any site or content that has remained banned.
  • This method involves masking your identity so that some websites restricted in your region will think you are from a different country.
  • Avoid being tracked online by concealing your real identity and location.
  • safeguard user privacy and security while on the Internet
  • Get to experience the feel of the region where the content you are accessing is restricted.

Features of Proxifiers

Some of the main features and uses of quality proxies like Proxifier include:

This involves masking the user’s IP address and physical location with proxies, giving the user more anonymity for private and secure browsing. Some providers also work with payment instruments like Bitcoin to ensure the client’s identity remains concealed. 

Access Restricted Content Some providers enable users to unblock filters, censors, and geographical restrictions while connecting to the Internet, allowing them to watch geographically restricted media. 

Additional Protection – Any traffic passed through proxies means an extra layer of protection between the user and the open Internet, which means that data is protected by being encrypted. 

Load Balancing—Using multi-threaded proxies, one can distribute traffic through various proxies to use bandwidth more efficiently. 

Who owns Proxifier?

Proxifier is a well-known Windows proxy tool. It was developed and owned by Inditex, an Estonian software company formed in 2008. Proxifier is a shareware that costs $39.95 per license for a single user. It helps set applications to make connections through proxies and supports connections through many proxies to enhance security.

Thus, to sum it all up, Proxifier is a paid shareware program for Windows developed by Initex that allows all TCP connections to be redirected through proxy servers. This reassures users that they can enhance their online security without compromising on their existing VPN setup.

Is Proxifier free?

That will depend on the version you want to purchase; there is the standard version and the professional edition, which has many additional features for professional use. Some free proxifiers exist but usually have limited functionality, bandwidth capability, and speed connections. Premium services of paid proxifiers include some aspects that are unavailable for other persons to use.

Some popular paid proxies are Luminati Proxy, which costs $500 for 40GB of traffic per month. The plans are tiered according to the bandwidth offered, increasing the price for larger packages. Other providers may be unknown and cost from $10 to $50 per month, depending on the amount of data included. Thus, while free services exist, paid proxifiers are faster, more reliable, functional, and unlimited with a monthly traffic limit.

Choosing the Best Proxifier proxifier

There are many providers, so you must know which one will suit the given circumstances. Here are vital factors to consider: 

  • Number of proxies/region/IP addresses available 
  • Default proxy protocols are available (Socks, HTTPS, etc.) 
  • Connection speeds/latency of proxies 
  • The advanced features include Data Encryption, Failover conditions, Load Balancing 
  • Also, it should support both manual and automatic proxy settings if possible 

Currently, the available options are:  

  • Pricing model: monthly fee or lifetime license 
  • The level of responsiveness of the customer support, as well as how much the personnel knows about the services that they are offering 
  • User-friendly interfaces and apps 


In conclusion, Proxifiers are still a precious utility for anonymizing traffic, enhancing security, and revealing restricted online content. With increased online censorship, surveillance, and geographic restrictions, proxies represent an accessible way for people. Proxifier, a powerful proxy client, offers flexible traffic routing for anonymity. While it’s not a VPN and lacks encryption, security, and the ability to create a device-wide tunnel, it plays a crucial role as a complementary tool to VPN software.

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