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Programmatic Advertising Platforms: Types and Main Points

by Techies Guardian
Programmatic Advertising Platforms

Programmatic Advertising Platforms – Just as people tend to choose goods in different stores, so advertising can not be one-way, coming from one channel. For example, a person who has seen a product on a billboard will not immediately make a purchase, but will consider several more suitable options. Therefore, network marketing has always focused on multichannel. After all, more and more people are shopping online through social networks, and online stores. However, according to recent research by marketing experts, the best solution for business development is programmatic omnichannel. You can find out what it is and why we should use this approach for advertising in our article.

What is the idea behind the omnichannel approach in marketing

Omnichannel is a type of marketing connecting several channels which interact with a customer and all these communications work smoothly not separately. BidMind offers unlimited possibilities and all brand communications with the customer on one platform. Most customers choose different channels of communication with a particular company or product, and make purchases by clicking on different sources of information. These are social networks, marketplaces, online stores. They can also make an offline purchase, but it is improbable if you influence the customer correctly and apply omnichannel tactics in time.

Multichannel or omnichannel : which one to choose

With an omnichannel platform, you can manage companies and set up any format for showing ads : choose one, several, or many channels to make them work cohesively. And these steps slowly but surely lead the customer to action. A multichannel approach is influencing a customer with one type of advertisement from different channels, without examining the behavioral factor. But the customer won’t necessarily choose a given product or service just because he’s being pressured, and if he doesn’t need it, he’ll pass it by. Therefore, when choosing how to convey information in an advertising format, it is worth giving preference to an omnichannel platform.The launch of all features in this case can be done from a single control panel.

Advantages of the omnichannel approach

Why is omnichannel beneficial for scaling your business or getting new customers? Because only interrelated channels can influence behavior and generate interest. An omnichannel platform invites the customer to learn about the product first and the company to track their interest on leads. Unobtrusive tactics will influence customer behavior and they will want to make a purchase or perform an action. It is the difference between conventional intrusive advertising and the omnichannel approach, where it shows only what is interesting for the specific individual.

It can be said that this strategy allows you to literally read the minds of app users, social networks, store customers and even the readers of information sites.

The advantages of omnichannel advertising programs:

  • an unobtrusive approach to broadcast advertising,
  • the choice of channel or the use of multiple connectors at once,
  • multiple exposure to a product improves brand awareness and increases the chance of getting a customer by 90%.

You can choose any type of channel by studying the needs of the target audience. The user can perceive advertising through the visual aspect, such as videos, or audio format, where the impact on the customer is through this digital channel. For a person who frequently uses a certain social network or app, it will be appropriate to apply advertising there. But the most effective is to use omnichannel, combining all the possibilities, formats and form a strategy to attract the customer. According to statistics, if everything is done correctly, the majority of customers become loyal and then it causes trust in the brand or a particular company.

BidMind suggests using all parts of the funnel and types of channels. The customer must first be introduced to the product, and shown that it exists. Since the customer may not know about it at all. Then, it is necessary to gradually connect the elements of visual consideration through other channels and give the opportunity to consider all the advantages of this product. And only then, you can move on to more action, giving the opportunity to order the product profitably and quickly. It’s worth noting that it is possible to assess the benefits of omnichannel advertising only after its implementation. Everything is already set up for the owners of the business on an automated platform with the omnichannel program. The only thing left to do is to add their data for successful promotion. So, BidMind is perfect for this, it’s safe and customized for all the advertising channels that a modern customer uses.

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