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How To Prank Your Girlfriend Over Call?

by Techies Guardian
How To Prank Your Girlfriend Over Call

How To Prank Your Girlfriend Over Call? – Are you among the ones with thousands of failed attempts at pranking your girlfriend? Well, then this time you’re in luck! Because with our guide, you’ll be able to understand how to prank your girlfriend over call in just some easy steps. However, we only indicate it to be fun, and nothing can help you bond better than sharing a laugh. With these ideas at your disposal, you’ll surely be able to pull off a prank.

Ideas to prank your girlfriend over call

Give her a call as some stranger

Everyone is surprised when they get a call from a stranger. On top of that, if you can talk weird and make your girlfriend go mad, there’s no better prank idea than this. Just call up and tell her how much you admire her, and that you are waiting outside her house. We bet she will definitely freak out! Once she comes out and finds you instead – think what her reaction would be! Ensure the number you’re calling from is not saved in her contact list.

Trick her into opening a goofy link

Send her something super silly through a link and make it seem like something big has happened. She will surely be tempted to open the link and find out what has happened. Though it’s not one of the biggest pranks of all time, once she finds out she has been pranked you two will surely share a laugh!

Share some funny fake news!

Share some fake news with her like her favorite actor getting married, or her best friend has signed a movie! These will surely make her laugh head over heels. However, make sure the thumbnail of the news is convincing enough; otherwise, she might never click on it!

Pull an anti-prank prank

Tell her you’ve been preparation this for months. When she asks you, “Why?” just tell her, “I thought it would be fun!” She’ll be on her toes all day, waiting to see what happens. That’s the joke – nothing happens! Think how she would freak out after you say this, but we bet it would be really fun.

Tell her you are in an emergency

Trust us on this – it always works! Tell her, “I need your help,” and watch her freak out. When she asks anything, just cut the call and keep her in the dark. However, if she seems genuinely worried, stop the prank right there and tell her the truth.

Pull a bait and say, “We need to talk!”

Oh, trust us on this – this line can freak us all! Especially when it’s coming from her boyfriend, it means nothing other than a red light. While she sits back and worries, you keep a stern expression on your face. And, when the time comes, just surprise her, saying nothing!

Put up an offer online to sell her!

This is the best one by far – I’m telling you! Put up an offer online that you want to sell your girlfriend and later show it to her. Just think how surprised and freaked out your girlfriend will be!

Act as a scorned lover

Call your girlfriend and tell her that you love her and miss her so much but as a stranger. When they ask who’s calling, appear upset and ask how many people call to tell her that they love her. After this, they’ll most likely be super confused, but just continue to play along as if you’re upset.

Over to You

Having said about the ways how to prank your girlfriend over call, it will now be very easy for you to pull one on your girlfriend. We bet these pranks will give you and your girlfriend ample opportunities to laugh you hear.

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