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10 Tips To Help You Dominate In Call Of Duty: Mobile

by Techies Guardian
10 Tips To Help You Dominate In Call Of Duty: Mobile

Have you tried out Call of Duty: Mobile yet? If not, you definitely should; it’s far from the cut-down port you might be expecting. Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the best mobile shooters out there right now thanks to its responsive controls, robust battle pass system, and range of gameplay modes, and if you’re anywhere near skilled at the console or PC version, you owe it to yourself to try your hand at this mobile iteration. Here are 10 tips to help you dominate in Call of Duty: Mobile.

1. Get as many COD Points and Credits as possible

There are two currencies in COD: Mobile: Points and Credits. They’re each used to buy different things, but the long and short of it is that COD Points are the game’s premium currency, while Credits can be earned during gameplay. If you want to buy weapons, Operators, crates, and pretty much anything else, you’re going to need Points and Credits to do so. Don’t despair if you’re not unlocking them at the rate you want; websites like www.codpointsandcredits.com can help you to get more Points and Credits quickly.

2. Pay attention to maps

The same loadout isn’t going to serve you across all of COD: Mobile’s maps. Depending on which map you’re on, a different loadout will give you a better chance of achieving victory. Is the map full of vertical sniping spots? Take a sniper rifle with you. Are you more likely to be getting into a lot of close-range engagements? Pick an assault rifle or a close-range weapon and get ready to fight. Having the right weapons with you can mean the difference between victory and defeat, so don’t assume the same loadout will work across the board.

3. Use headphones or good speakers

Trust us when we say that a decent sound system is pretty much essential for a game of Call of Duty: Mobile. Whether you connect your favourite pair of headphones or an external set of speakers using a USB-C or Lightning adapter, you should make sure you’re not just using the phone’s built-in audio. You won’t be able to hear important sound cues this way, and you won’t be as immersed in the action, so you might miss critical plays your team is making.

4. Play with a controller

Did you know it’s actually possible to play Call of Duty: Mobile with a controller? It’s true – while the game does come with a robust suite of touch screen controls (more on which in a moment), you can hook up an Xbox controller or any other compatible Bluetooth controller and play the game that way instead. COD: Mobile will put you up against other players who are using controllers, too, so you’ll know that the playing field is even.

5. Don’t use Simple mode

You might be tempted to use the Simple control mode if you’re going to play COD: Mobile, but this would be a mistake. The Simple control setup is designed for beginners, so it’s OK to use it for a few games, but as soon as you start building up your Call of Duty: Mobile skill, you should definitely consider switching to Advanced. This will give you greater control over your character and your aim and will allow you to make more complex, detailed plays.

6. Remember the mode you’re playing

Call of Duty: Mobile has different game modes available, and they require different play styles to master. For instance, the main Multiplayer game mode is all about racking up kills, necessitating quick, lightly strategic play. Battle Royale, by contrast, is about survival; you need to make sure that you’re not putting yourself in unnecessary danger, because the gameplay in this mode is much more methodical and slow-paced. Don’t play one when you’re actually playing the other.

7. Don’t push your device’s visuals

Depending on what device you’re using, COD: Mobile can be a pretty intensive experience for your processor. Don’t be afraid to pull the graphics quality back a little to emphasise performance. It’s more important for the game to run well than to look great; it’s all very well admiring the scenery, but if a graphics-induced lag spike causes you to miss a shot, then that could mean the difference between victory and defeat for your team.

8. Play alongside your team

It might sound obvious, but Call of Duty: Mobile is a team game for the most part, and so it’s important to make sure you’re trying to coordinate tactics with your teammates. If they’re determined to run ahead of you and get themselves killed, then there’s very little you can do about that, but assuming everyone on the team is skilled and willing to play together to win, make sure you’re not the lone wolf wandering off by yourself.

9. Practice lots

If you’re determined to get good at COD: Mobile, then you’re going to need to put in the hours practising until you’re as skilled as you want to be. There’s no shame whatsoever in playing a few practice rounds against AI opponents; getting a feel for your chosen weapon. And knowing how it controls will be essential for achieving any degree of success. Make sure to try a range of control schemes. And weapons so that you can settle on what feels right for you!

10. Be a moving target

There are lots of ways to use movement to avoid getting shot in Call of Duty: Mobile. For instance, have you thought about sliding or crouching to ensure that enemies can’t consistently aim at you? It might take some getting used to, but hitting an opponent who’s crouching. And sliding all over the place can be inordinately frustrating for your opponents. You should also make sure you’re sprinting wherever possible to maximise movement speed.

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