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New Mobile Games On iOS And Android

by Techies Guardian
New Mobile Games On iOS And Android

New Mobile Games On iOS And Android – Are you bored of playing the same old mobile games? How about venturing into new ones instead. Both iOS and Android have come up with a range of new games, both free and paid. Here are some of the best ones to get your hands on. In addition, you can find the list of best payout online casino australia 2021 – 2022, on the internet.


Pureya is available both on iOS and Android devices for a one-time fee of $3.99. It is an all-in-one mini-game that allows you to play a new game every 10 seconds.

Just like the WarioWare and gatcha collection, Pureya is perfect for those who get bored too soon with one game. It involves all sorts of mini-games like retro galaxy shooting, sports games, endless running games, vehicles, animal games, pachinko, and a lot more.

You just need to collect marbles while playing and utilize them in the pachinko machines to unlock new mini-games. You can gain marbles simply by playing more.

You can easily play with two buttons with no internet connection as well. The best part is it includes no in-app purchases or ad rewards. If you don’t want to download the App , you can also play Pachinko games on Japanese mobile casinos for free, read more at CasinosNavi.

Crash Bandicoot: On The Run

The new popular game in the market is this free iOS and Android game, Crash Bandicoot. This running game is about Crash Bandicoot and his sister Coco on a mission. They both keep running, jumping, smashing, and spinning to various arenas in order to save the multiverse from the enemies of Dr Neo Cortex.

You can unlock skins, trophies, bonuses, and more as you make your way through. You can also unlock new lands, weapons and so much more.

Hard to believe, but this diverse featured game can be enjoyed for free. It includes in-app purchases and has already been downloaded by over 10 million users.

Dungeon Of The Endless: Apogee

Dungeon of the endless is another iOS and Android game, though not free to download but worth it. You can get it for $4.99.

This dungeon defense game involves protecting the generator of a crashed ship along with two other heroes. While saving it, you will come across a wave of monsters and special events and also get you to explore the huge dungeon.

You also get to build your own team, build your defences and open the different doors, each leading to something unknown. Do all this to discover the truth behind Auriga.

A great compelling, thrilling and addicting game to come across.

World of Demons

World of Demons is available to play on iOS and Apple Arcade. This game by Platinum Games is as efficient and action-filled as other Platinum Games.

One of its kind on mobile, World of Demons allows you to walk from corridor to corridor fighting the different breeds of the demon. You can slash, dodge and even capture the souls of the foes. You can make use of them as special moves in different environments. The touchscreen, playing experience and how the game is designed keeps you hooked to the screen for hours.

Cobra Kai: Card Fighter

Cobra Kai is a free game that can be downloaded on an iOS device. It is based and themed on the famous Netflix show Cobra Kai: Card Fighter. The action in the film is cartooned into a deck-building game involving card collections of new fighters, moves, and wild cards.

The wild cards can be used to gain extra energy and health and can be used for punches, kicks and throws. You can gain new cards by playing a training mini-game. However, it also includes ad rewards that make you gain new cards in case you are unable to collect them through playing mini-games. Read more at ScreenRant for review.

Clap Hanz Golf

Clap Hanz Golf is an iOS device game by Clap Hanz. As the name suggests, Clap Hanz Golf is a golf game that provides the same aesthetics as a real golf place. You can see blue skies covering the screen, cheerful golf club staff accompanied by background organ music.

It has easy controls like a double tap for seeing your aim, dragging for putting the shot into place, swiping downwards to set your power back, swiping up to take the shot.

This role-playing game has done a pretty nice job with the feels. The touchscreen controls are flawless and are a relief when you can’t get outside to play. It has various features that make the game addicting.


From pachinko at Japanese mobile casinos to action games, these were some of the new Android and IOs mobile games to indulge yourself in when bored at home.

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