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Finance Write for Us, Guest Posting Guidelines

Finance Write for Us, Guest Posting Guidelines

Finance Write for Us

Finance Write for Us

Finance Write for Us – Finance is a term that refers to matters relating to the management, creation, and consideration of funds and investments. It involves using credit, debt, securities, and investment to finance current projects using future income streams. Because of this time aspect, finance remains closely related to the time worth of money, interest rates, and other related topics.

Funding Can Remain Broadly Divided Into Three Categories:

  • Public Finance
  • corporate finance
  • personal financing

Many other definite categories, such as behavioral finance, seek to identify the cognitive reasons (e.g., emotional, social, psychological) behind financial decisions.

Understanding Finance

“Finance” is usually divided into three broad categories: public, corporate, and personal finance.

Community finance includes tax systems, government expenditures, budget procedures, policy and stabilization tools, debt issues, and other government concerns. Corporate finance involves managing a business’s assets, liabilities, revenues, and debts. Personal finance determines all financial decisions and activities of an individual or family, including budgeting, insurance, mortgage planning, savings, and retirement planning.

Key Financing Terms

These are some of the key financing terms that you should be aware of.

1. Asset: An asset is something of worth, such as money, property, or real estate. Both current and fixed assets could be present in the business.

2. Liability: A liability is a debt-like financial obligation. Penalties may be temporary or permanent.

3. Balance Sheet: A balance sheet remains a text that lists the assets and liabilities of a corporation. Deduct the penalties from the contributions to determine the company’s net worth.

4. Cash Flow: The movement of money into and out of a home or business is known as cash flow.

5. Compound interest: Compound interest is computed and added regularly, as opposed to simple interest, which is added to the principle once.

Finance History

Finance, as a study of philosophy and practice distinct from the field of economics, originated in the 1940s and 1950s with the work of Harry Markowitz, William F. Sharp, Fisher Black, and Myron Scholes, to name a few.

Private areas of finance—such as banking, lending, investing, and, of course, money itself—have been around since the dawn of civilization in one form or another.

The financial dealings of the early Sumerians were formalized in the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi (c. 1800 BC). This set of rules regulated the ownership or lease of land, the employment of farming labor, and credit.

Yes, there remained loans back then, and interest remained charged on them — rates differed depending on whether you were borrowing grain or silver.

By 1200 BC, shepherd’s shells remained used as money in China. Changes were introduced in the first millennium BC. King Croesus of Lydia was one of the first to strike gold coins and put them into circulation around 564 BC – hence the phrase “rich as Croesus.”

In antique Rome, coins were stored in the vaults of temples where priests or temple workers were considered the most honest, pious, and safest asset protection. Temples also lent money and served as financial centers in the major cities.

How to Submit Your Gantt Chart Articles (Finance Write for Us)?

That is to says, to submit your article at www.techiesguardian.com, mail us at contact@techiesguardian.com

Why Write for techiesguardian – Finance Write for Us

Why Write for techiesguardian – Finance Write for Us

Finance Write for Us

That is to say, here at techies guardian, we publish well-researched, informative, and unique articles. In addition, we also cover reports related to:
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Guidelines of the Article – Finance Write for Us

Guidelines of the Article – Finance Write for Us

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