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Video Editor Write for Us

Video Editor Write for Us

What is a Video Editor?

The work carried out by a video editor is essential to shape any film, series, documentary, spot, or any audiovisual production, since it is in charge of manipulating all the recorded audiovisual material to transform it into a finished product ready for use. Reproduction.

To do this and with the help of digital tools, try to improve its quality, eliminate or include images or scenes, incorporate texts or subtitles, music, voice, and, if necessary special effects.

In short, he retouches and makes up the initial material to turn it into a product ready for final viewing.

The process of editing a video How is it done?

Before starting editing a video, we must be clear about the theme and what we want to convey to the viewer since they are the final consumer of our work.

Once the objectives and content are defined, we must create a script that allows us to orient ourselves through the recorded material and know its chronological order.

Next, the images or scenes that we are going to use for our audiovisual creation are selected. In this step, it is essential to use a good video editing program (for example: After Effects or Adobe Premiere) since we will likely have to make adjustments to the images; correct the color to give it more life, and make it warmer or cooler, manipulate saturation, exposure, tonality. All these tweaks will help us convey the visual mood we need.

We can also incorporate special effects, animations, or any other necessary element (voice and audio, texts, or subtitles) with video editing programs. These elements will help us to complete our audiovisual work.

Next, all the images and elements that make up our creation selected and combined to make the final assembly.

Behind all video hides the work of editing and post-production experts capable of sharing ideas.

The final assembly is similar to solving a puzzle or doing a mystery; however, there is no single valid path in audiovisual creation. The possibilities are endless, and the narration or plot of a film can vary drastically in this process.

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