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Getting Started with a Customer Enablement Program – Process, Purpose & Benefits

by Techies Guardian
Getting Started with a Customer Enablement Program

Getting Started with a Customer Enablement Program – To start with, a customer enablement program is everything about providing a company’s customers, with the perfect brand experience and service. It is through the use of internet, social media and IoT devices; an organization is able to provide a robust customer or user-experience than ever before. Almost all B2B companies cannot afford to miss out on this aspect of business improvement that helps any organization build a solid rapport with its buyers. It can be termed as an offshoot of sales enablement where a particular group of audience or customers are made aware, informed and educated about a company’s products or services. It is to make your customers exceptionally informed about your newly launched products, by using training software, educational audio tutorials, videos and other support systems. A majority of B2B entities are trying hard to achieve great customer success & CSAT scores, and eventually grow its revenue.

How ‘Guidde’ Helps in a Customer Enablement Process

In fact, a technology expert like “Guidde” helps hundreds of small, medium & large scale enterprises onboard, inform, enable and retain their customers in a professional way. It is by introducing the most common tools, custom software and solutions that help in a customer enablement effort. It is basically about customer education & information, which is the key to increasing SaaS adoption. It can be through a variety of modes, such as video hosting, marketing & messaging, content authoring, community participation, knowledge management, In-App guidance, support and most importantly, welcoming feedback from customers.

Delivering an Awesome Customer Experience

Through one such client enablement program, you can enhance the customer satisfaction index to the next level. It can be achieved, when a customer goes through a smooth buying experience, as well as enjoy a great after-sales support. It is to be understood here that customer experience plays a significant role in influencing buying decisions. It is basically an approach to provide your customers with the kind of product, service or after-sales experience, thus meeting their expectations. In this way, your organization gets repeat customers through an exceptional service provided to them. Also, by having a B2B loyalty programs, customers might be encouraged to buy more of your products or services. Right from onboarding to a support ticket system, it is all part of an enablement process, be it client, product or sales enablement.

Creating a Knowledge Base

An extensive knowledge bank or knowledge base needs to be created, as it is the starting point for any customer onboarding and training process. While websites and apps can provide a platform in building one such knowledge base, it’s often more efficient on part of the customer to use the latest software solutions in learning, getting accustomed with a new product and being fully informed about the same. In fact, video hosting platforms are one of the few examples of a knowledge base that help visually oriented customers or buyers, enabling them to access your content in their own convenient way and time.

Why Customer Enablement?

It is usually required by large organizations and corporate entities for the purpose of educating their customers on how to use a particular product or service. The crux of the matter is to help customers get the most out of your products and services. Client enablement programs are heavily used in B2B and SaaS organizations, especially by ones that are having a subscription model. It is basically equipping your customers, buyers and users, with everything that they need to get the most out of what you’re selling. After the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become even more important to lay emphasis on customer service or customer experience, as a majority of them are buying products and services online, rather than visiting any physical store. And, with one such enablement program in-place, it becomes easier to make your customers more informed, aware and knowledgeable about a particular brand or product that you’ve displayed for sale.

A Robust Customer Enablement System

Apart from having a trained support & assistance team, it is even more essential to have a robust enablement system in-place. It varies from one organization to another, as the products & services that you offer are different from others, and so also the customer base, with diverse mindsets. As an organization looking to implement or incorporate such a program or platform must follow the best practices, in order to get a quality enablement system. This eventually helps in providing your customers with exceptional service experience.

It is All About Educating Customers

If your customers are fairly educated, the above mentioned resources will definitely help them resolve issues in a smooth and seamless manner. They would not have to look for any kind of support, assistance or guidance, unless they‘re totally novice. In fact, through your official company website, you can provide various information-rich, interactive and engaging resources to your end-users, buyers and customers. It can be in the form of tutorial videos made on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, audio tutorials, demos, podcasts, written information and informative user manuals. This is how your customers would be able to use your products and services, without any external help. It also provides a great user-experience. And with a domain specialist like “Guidde”, your customers can now be more knowledgeable, educated and better informed through a robust product engagement or enablement.

These educational resources increase the confidence among your customers and buyers, ensuring an increased investment in your products, services and brand. Now you can take help of explainer videos, online tutorials and webinars for onboarding your new customers and providing them adequate training on how to use a certain product. This is definitely a cost-effective way to onboard and provides training, instead of holding physical one-to-one sessions. Customers nowadays find it real easy to go through these online materials and software that are intended for providing training and educating.

Final Words & Thoughts

A customer or client enablement program is generally initiated to help customers find success, after he/she has purchased a product or service. It is basically to provide exceptional customer support throughout the product & service life-cycle. It is to make things easy for them and provide an array of communication channels like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Chat Bots, etc. that can help them get all the requisite assistance, whenever required. Such enablement programs are to encourage customers to give their feedback and share their opinion about a certain brand. This is how organizations and companies can improve upon their core business deliverables.

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