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7 Best Metadata Management Tools for 2021

by Techies Guardian
Best Metadata Management Tools

Best Metadata Management ToolsManaging your business data effectively will provide you good business but these days every business started with data cataloging. As a next step, the metadata management comes into picture which involves managing the information on the data we have. In addition, you may also make use of IT management tools to manage all IT operations in one collaborative workspace. Streamline your business developments to ensure smooth and easy collaboration.

So, let’s see some best metadata catalog tools that you can use for your businesses:


Via Alteryx Connect, Alteryx data cataloging is possible. For discoverability and collaboration, the product centralizes business terms and concepts, measurements, and information properties. Connect helps users to explore the types of information found in their data, where the data comes from, who uses it, and how it is used. The tool features powerful searches in analytical applications, workflows, macros, visualizations, dashboards, and data science models to locate and reuse information as well.


Collibra’s Data Dictionary records the technological metadata of an entity and how it is used. It describes a piece of data’s structure, its connection to other data, and its origin, format, and use. For users who need to understand how and where data is processed and how it can be used, the solution acts as a searchable repository. To identify and map data, users can also log roles and responsibilities and use workflows and  data lake architecture. Collibra is distinctive since the brand was developed with business end-users in mind.


Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog is a data catalog focused on machine learning, which allows you to identify and organize data assets in any environment. The product also provides the company with a metadata recording framework.


The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Catalog is a metadata management tool that lets organizations use a structured inventory of data assets to locate and regulate information. A modern, intuitive user interface features the product, including a simple dashboard, search-and-browse functionality, suggested actions, and shortcuts. An Oracle Cloud Infrastructure subscription contains the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Catalog.

5. SAP

SAP Data Intelligence is a data management solution powered by AI that involves data orchestration, machine learning, and management of metadata. The product allows users to discover and connect multiple types of data irrespective of where they reside physically, as well as to optimize and reuse device audio, image, and video streams and data. Users can simplify governance and compliance and coordinate scalable data pipelines through distributed architectures with built-in metadata management rules.


Talend Data Catalog crawls, profiles, organizes, connects, and enriches metadata automatically. Up to 80% of data-related information is automatically registered and held up to date through smart relationships and machine learning. Key features of the Data Catalog include facet scan, data sampling, semantic discovery. And auto-profiling, categorization. The tool also provides the exploration and certification of social curation and data relationships, as well as a design and development suite.


ASG Technologies provides a forum for data intelligence that can uncover data from over 220 sources of conventional and big data. Automated data labeling through pattern matching, reference data integration, and enriched metrics are featured in the tool. Automated business lineage enables users to better understand their data, including those for tracing data in the data lake and conventional sources, and governance capabilities. ASG’s EDI brand has an outstanding range of capabilities, for a number of business use cases, reference customers promote the vendor’s help.

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