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Who Benefits from AODA Website Standards?

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Who Benefits from AODA Website Standards

Who Benefits from AODA Website Standards? – In 2018, more than 2000 federal lawsuits were filed with regard to website accessibility. This was because people with different disabilities were not able to access websites despite using assistive technologies.

It is unfortunate that despite the increased internet connectivity in the country, many developers and website owners still don’t comply with ADA requirements. Some of them fail to comply either because of ignorance or just laxity to do so.

It is important that every person has a right to access digital content irrespective of their abilities.

About AODA compliance

AODA stands for the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and was passed into law in 2015. The objective of the Act is to ensure that people with disabilities have the same rights as other people when it comes to participating in different activities in society.

The AODA’s accessibility requirements touch different areas including physical access, customer service, employment, transportation among others. One important area of AODAs standards is access to the website and digital content.

The act has a list of requirements that mandate organizations to ensure that everyone is able to access their websites and web content. From 2014, all websites are required to fulfill Level A of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCGA).

People with disability in Ontario

A considerable percentage of Ontario’s population lives with different kinds of disabilities. Just like anyone else, they also have a right to carry out their daily activities like shopping online and working from home.

AODA standard requirements are meant to ensure people with disabilities can easily interact with various apps and websites. As a developer or business owner, you are supposed to design an app or website in a manner that allows the use of assistive technologies.

For instance, you are supposed to use alt-texts whenever you use images on your website or content so that users who are blind can uses screen readers to understand the type of image found on the website.

Besides, you are also encouraged to use the right amount of contrast between the background and words to allow people with low vision to read careen properly.

People with disabilities outside Ontario

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are not limited to the residents of Ontario but also the outside world. You should remember the internet is a global network and people from different parts of the world would want to come to Ontario or seek services from businesses based in Ontario.

Benefits of online accessibility

1. Reputation

Businesses that adhere to website accessibility guidelines are often considered reputable because they accommodate the needs of all users in their operations.

2. Large customer base

When you make your website user-friendly to every including people with disabilities, you are bound to have many customers.

3. Avoid lawsuits

Failure to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines can lead to lawsuits against your business or organization.

Take away

Website accessibility is increasingly becoming an issue due to internet connectivity. It is important for web developers and designers to ensure everyone can access digital content when creating apps and websites.

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