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How Augmented Reality Apps Are Changing the Home Renovation

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How Augmented Reality Apps Are Changing the Home Renovation

How Augmented Reality Apps Are Changing the Home Renovation? – Undertaking a home renovation can be challenging, especially when you don’t have an army of contractors and interior designers to aid you. Making decisions about the right couch and the perfect place for a kitchen island isn’t as straightforward as you might imagine. That’s especially true when you’re an investor with no background in decorating.

Thankfully, we live in a technologically advanced world with plenty of helpful tools at our fingertips. If you’d like to learn more about real estate tech that will endure in a post COVID world, follow this.

This article explores how augmented reality apps are changing the home renovation game for the better. We’ll be doing a deep dive into what AR is, the best apps on the market, and the benefits of using them in your next remodel.

What is AR?

Although augmented reality is quickly gaining traction for its usefulness in the real estate world, many people still aren’t clear about it. AR creates virtual simulations using digital tools and real-world spaces to cut straight to the point. In other words, it is a way to visually reimagine what a room would look like with a new set of chairs or a different wallpaper. Like how drone technology is changing the real estate market, AR offers users the opportunity to shift their perspectives with more comprehensive views.

Additionally, using AR is pretty easy because many of these apps are available for download on any smartphone. With a few taps, you could examine how 3D furniture would look in your house before buying it. Here are some of the best apps on the market:

What are the Best AR Apps for Landlords?


IKEA PLACE is a wonderfully easy-to-use 3D staging app that merges reality and imagination. It’s one of the most popular tools for its simplicity and true-to-scale furniture models. Professional Property Management of Northern Virginia suggests using the latest technology to assist with property management and recommends using user-friendly tools.

They’re also constantly updating their vast selection of curated objects, which improves the user’s experience.

You can browse through their featured collections for user favorites or explore on your own through different categories. Place anything from chairs to tables and carpets to find your home’s correct size and style.

2. MagicPlan

If you’re looking to create or redesign your floor plan, look no further than magicplan. Magicplan’s niche is measuring, estimating, and creating reports of your floors in minutes. This app is a great tool to have in your kit for budget-conscious investors because it’s free. That’s right; you can access state-of-the-art sketching tech without spending a dime.

Also, magicplan has no time limit, so you create as many 2D and 3D plans as possible. More so, their custom reports are incredibly accurate at estimating the pricing for your project, which can save you a lot of stress.

3. Build.com

This app offers incredibly detailed visualizations of 3D pieces in your home. They’re great at letting users experiment with various appliances like lights, kitchen faucets, and plumbing fixtures. You can even interact with the items by toggling them on or off. For example, you can see how different lamps illuminate your bedroom.

One of their best features lets you connect with live project experts. These professionals range from designers to contractors and can give helpful advice on what products work best. That way, you can clear up any confusion before ordering your favorite things.

4. RoOmy

If your renovation has more to do with interior design, then roOmy might be the right fit for you. The creators behind this app specifically sought to improve its staging capabilities, making it perfect for trying custom designs.

You’ll undoubtedly find it amongst many furniture options if you’re looking for inspiration. Users can experiment with different furniture designs like Ethnicraft, Gus Modern, or Japandi and see which product complements their rental. You can shop for these designs from well-known online stores like Amazon, Crate & Barrel, Target, etc.

4. Housecraft

Like roOmy, Housecraft is a staging app that lets you see how furniture looks in your home. However, it isn’t synchronized with top online stores but has a selection of generic furnishings and styles. That also means that you can resize these objects to your taste and see which measurements work best in your rooms.

Housecraft is an excellent visualization tool for people still in the early stages of planning. It gives you a perfect starting mark on which you can build the rest of your remodeling plan. After seeing how these objects look in your home, you can buy the best fit.

5. Wayfair

Wayfair, one of the most famous American furniture and home-goods brands, also has an excellent AR app. With this tool, you can shop for anything in your home. Visualize what your rental space would look like with selections from one of the world’s most extensive collections in your palm.

One of their best features is that the app learns from your previous choices about your taste and preferences. Thus, you can easily find picks curated specially for you. Further, if you’re on a budget, the Wayfair app allows you quickly sort through your options by price. You don’t have to fall in love with a feature before realizing it’s too expensive for your needs. When you’re ready to bring your dream home to life, you can place an order for your favorite object. Then using their real-time tracking device, follow up on your delivery’s progress.

6. Houzz

Another excellent home solution is Houzz. Like many other AR tools on this list, it also has e-commerce functionality. In other words, you can buy a couch from the comfort of your couch. This hyper-interactive tool helps discover new bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom remodeling ideas. Further, you can save photos of your different experiments and compare them with other designs later.

Besides generating brilliant new home ideas, you can also save more money on sales. Find the perfect vanity, cabinet, or dresser from over 5 million products.

Uses of AR Apps in the Home Renovation Industry

1. Allows you to take automated measurements

It’s common knowledge that when you’re planning a renovation, you have to break out the tape measure, or do you? One of the main reasons AR gear is helpful to property owners is that it saves you the hassle of trying to calculate your room’s exact dimensions. Many of the latest apps can automatically estimate a room’s length, breadth, and height. All you have to do is point your phone at the corner. That saves you a tremendous amount of time and energy, which you can channel to other aspects of your renovation.

Another advantage getting precise measurements gives you is that it allows you to calculate how much material you need. It’s always annoying to drive back to the store to get more wallpaper or discover that you have excess leftover paint. In other words, it allows you properly budget for the materials you’ll need.

2. Makes renovations faster

Renovations are short to medium-term projects that take several days or months to complete. Often, you might find yourself corresponding with your designer or architect for weeks before reaching a decision. However, AR technology allows you to collaborate with your contractor while actively ongoing work. That makes decision-making faster by cutting down communication time. As a result, property owners can speed up their remodel and start reaping the benefits of their changes.

3. Leaves room for modification

Sometimes you might have your heart set on a particular design. Perhaps you’ve seen it looked great in the catalog or theory. However, once the walls start coming down, you might not like what you see or change your mind about what you want. The problem is that it might already be too late at that point, or making any alterations would be too costly. Using AR can guarantee your satisfaction by removing that gamble.

With modern tools, you can adjust building models and design as you see fit. That allows you to explore different layouts without altering the original. In the end, you can decide on what looks best to you without wasting too much time or materials.

4. It is economical

Home renovations can be an expensive undertaking. After all, brand new countertops aren’t cheap, and some investors even have to take out a loan. The last thing you want when you’re spending so much money is to end up with a project you don’t like. However, AR technology allows you to cut costs by managing your resources.

Firstly, you spend less time discussing modifications with contractors who charge you by the hour. Also, accurate measurements precisely estimate the number of raw materials you need to complete a project. AR proves to be an effective and economically-friendly tool by conserving such resources.

5. Creates a helpful layout for repairs

If you’re outsourcing your remodeling to an expert, you might bother yourself trying to understand the different layouts. However, if you’re a DIY enthusiast going at it alone, you need all your help. With AR apps, you can get more definitive pictorial and interactive guides during your project.

In addition, with the on-site project information, you can make informed decisions on the wall, windows, and outlet locations. That makes it easier to adhere to standard building plans and protocols.

6. Facilitates getting assistance from experts

Many AR apps allow you to embark on a renovation project like a pro. While that’s great, sometimes you might realize that you’re out of your depth and need the assistance of an expert. Another advantage of using AR tools is that they facilitate getting in touch with the professionals or services you need.

For example, some apps give you the option of ordering directly from a store nearby. Thus, after helping you visualize the perfect color and space it would occupy in your room, you can make your model a reality. Additionally, some tools let you consult with an expert on your design. This feature is handy for extensive remodeling projects like adding an extra room.

7. Reduces vacancy time

While some renovations might not greatly hinder your day-to-day schedule, extensive projects might require you to vacate the premises. Since real estate generates income from rent, it runs at a loss while your apartment is empty. Thus, it would be in your best interest to complete your renovations on time, so you secure new tenants.

As we highlighted earlier, AR tools can significantly boost your renovation timeline. It provides tools that improve communication, cut down reworking, and facilitate decision-making that can hold back progress. As a result, you can get your listing back on the market sooner by letting you conclude your remodeling plans faster.

8. Improves your interior design

Imagine going to the store to buy a chair, only to realize it looked better in the shop but is ill-suited to your house. That means the money, time, and energy you spent selecting, transporting, and installing the piece was a total waste. If you specialize in letting furnished or vacation rentals, this scenario might sound like a nightmare to you.

Rather than taking that risk, use an AR home decor tool to try different kinds of furniture in your space. Depending on your app, you can cycle through multiple designs, colors, and accessories to what works best for you. This customization feature can take your interior design game from mediocre to exceptional.


Home renovations are an excellent way to boost your home’s value, make it more efficient, and attract high-value customers. We hope we’ve been able to shed some light on how augmented reality apps are changing home renovation. After all, the mark of a savvy real estate investor is one that uses modern tools to make their job easier and their investments more profitable.

To recap, we defined augmented reality to simulate virtual changes to your physical space. Further, we highlighted some of the best AR apps on the market for the task. Then we concluded with the benefits you stand to gain by implementing augmented reality in your next remodel.

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