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What Types of Slots are There Today?

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What Types of Slots are There Today

What Types of Slots are There Today? – When slots were first invented the choice was limited to a few handmade slot machine games with 3-reels and 1-row. If these slots did not appeal to the masses, then the slot story would have ended there and then. However, these games were a hit and spawned a host of bigger and eventually better free spins no deposit 2021 games.

It took some time for slots to take the next step in their evolution to becoming what they are today, and this occurred in the 1960s when the first part electric slot was released. The next couple of decades saw video slots come to the fore before the invention of online video slots took the world by storm.

Modern Slots

The modern slot universe offers customers huge choices. This is because, since the birth of online slots in 1995, mass demand has meant that a flourishing industry has been created. There are hundreds of games to choose from today and the games are more intricate than they have ever been.

Slot Themes

Slot themes have taken centre stage ever since slots went digital and they have become a lot like picking a movie to watch. The slot theme or genre comes with certain expectations, just like a film. Talking of films, many slots are now based on hit movie franchises and big television shows. The characters from these also star on the reels. Superheroes are also popular additions to slot games, and these have proven big hits with the slot playing public.

Other exciting themes include myths and legends such as the Greek God-inspired Age of The Gods series of slots by Playtech. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and other supernatural elements can also be found in modern slot games. Animals and nature are other popular themes that have appealed to slot developers and players alike.

Jackpot Slots

With more complex and bigger slots come bigger prizes. Today slot spinners can play for Jackpots that offer prizes of millions of pounds. These are the pinnacle of jackpot prizes because the prize fund is progressive, which means it continues to grow until it is won. Other jackpot prizes include fixed Jackpots, daily jackpots, mini, minor, major, and mega jackpots which sound big but are also still sometimes dwarfed by progressive ones.

Slot Formats

It should come as no surprise to discover that slot formats have also been experimented with since the dawn of sophisticated video slots. The standard slot platform back when slots were first invented consisted of 3-reels and 1-row. Today this has become 5-reels with 3-rows, but unorthodox reel platforms are becoming more common. Megaways slots introduce a 6th reel, but they also alter the size of the slot symbols and the number that can land on each reel. Standard slots have a fixed number of symbols that can land on each reel. Megaways slots rewrite the rules and anything between 2 and 7 symbols can hit each reel, and this produces record numbers of pay lines. Cluster paying slots on the other hand are played on grids instead of reels, and winning tumbles must produce same symbol clustering for a drop to be a winning one.

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