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What Is IVR and How You Can a Call Center Benefit From It

by Techies Guardian
What Is IVR and How You Can a Call Center Benefit From It

Long queues can be frustrating to everyone which is why many people hate interacting with call centers. IVR recording service helps to solve those problems by giving a more personal experience to those people.

Old ways of doing things are gone. Current standards include automated menus and AI which will allow you to save resources and give callers a great experience when calling your business. Your business will no longer be associated with poor service.

Using IVR will be a game-changer for you. Keep reading to find out more.

Do You Know What Interactive Voice Response Means?

IVR uses automated voice and keypads to make sure your calls are directed to the right individuals. Customers that call are differentiated and organized after being instructed, allowing them to be connected to live contact center agents, this is all done through automated menus.

Do You Know What Interactive Voice Response Means_ - What Is IVR and How You Can a Call Center Benefit From It

This system has become an essential part of many call centers over the years, with many surveys finding that it is increasing on a yearly basis. As of 2018, 86.1% of contact centers already have an IVR system.

Organizations’ increasing use of  IVR systems is probably due to the numerous advantages listed below. However, several businesses have admitted to not having made any improvements since they installed the system.

Agents are used to manually route and connect calls in contact centers, this leads to lag times and queues that can frustrate customers. Using this system stops the problem by cutting out the middleman, allowing customers to direct themselves using the keypad to help solve their issues.

How It Works

The system lets callers connect with the right people or automation by using a physical phone in combination with VoIP. The technology is supported by IVR software which creates menus to bring callers to the right individual in the department.

For instance, if there’s an issue in your home and you need to get in contact with your landlord, things can be easier for you if they have IVR. This helps to smooth out the issue and gets things done faster based on priority.

You may be prompted to use different keypads depending on your issues. You may be forwarded to voicemail if your problem isn’t as important as others whereas if it’s an emergency you’ll be able to speak to a human representative.

What Is IVR

Modern IVR Benefits

In the past, IVR had limited capacity but has since gotten better over the years. Customers use to have to wait from one key to nine whereas things have now become simpler. The menus have now become shorter which allows customers to be able to act faster.

Telnum has a virtual office capacity that will use an IVR voice menu to transfer customers to the departments they are looking for. You can set it up an option to send frequent callers to the usual departments they talk to.

Self-service and message forwarding allows you to manage your calling during peak hours such as high demands or during the busy season. Simple requests are sent to automated services and difficult problems are sent to free employees to be handled.

This can also help with measuring the satisfaction of your customers. Many people are not comfortable voicing out their comments when asked so sending them off to an automated voice will be an easier way to measure their satisfaction.

Having this system can assist in prolonging the time you open by using automated voice channels. This lets your customers leave detailed messages about what they’re calling you about. When you open up you can call them back based on the relevance of their issues.

Modern IVR Benefits

Ways To Upgrade Your System

You can write scripts for your automated responses. Keeping it simple for your staff keeps it simple for your customers as well. Be direct and straight to the point with your menus because no one wants to be hassled by too many options.

Don’t beat around the bush, make sure that you have the option of talking to a live representative. People want to talk to other humans to make sure that their concerns are heard, so why not let them do just that?

Let your customers learn more about your business while they wait by having new updates on your company. Thus, that they may not have known. Use the speech option to make complex problems into spoken ones that can be easily understood.

This makes it so anyone can understand and quickly adapt to it. Don’t forget to use natural speech patterns to add a more human touch to the system.

Having your system secure with the latest encryption gives your customers a sense of ease with a secure way to enter their information. This is especially true when it comes to banking establishments.


IVR makes it easier to contact you while making your business easy to run. Using the system maximizes the satisfaction of your customers and helps to ensure that you’re always competitive.

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