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What is a Wallscape? The Definitive Guide

by Techies Guardian
What is a Wallscape

What is a Wallscape? – Imagine you’re driving in a densely packed and populated city, like New York City. There’s bumper-to-bumper traffic in the middle of the square, and you’re surrounded by massive buildings and skyscrapers everywhere you look. But it isn’t just steel buildings and windows.

There are also vivid colors and massive posters up on the sides of the buildings, and all you can do is look in awe at the people who have been blown up into giants or perfume bottles the sizes of the buildings themselves.

Welcome to the wild world of wallscape advertising.

What is Wallscape Advertising?

Wallscape advertising is something like a giant billboard, typically attached to the side of a tall building in a densely populated and heavily landscaped area. The most popular images of these are typically associated with New York City’s Time’s Square, as even those who haven’t visited the city have seen images of the city’s skyline filled with these massive and vivid images.

These are typically several stories tall, and that’s because they need to be. Wallscape advertising is not even possible without tall buildings as they are extremely large in size and highly visible. This is likely what makes wallscapes so advantageous.

Most often, wallscapes will be located on the sides of buildings or parking garages, or sometimes on the sides of more than one of these in order to create a unique and immersive experience for those who see them.

How Much does Wallscape Advertising Cost?

Wallscapes are generally going to be quite pricey, but narrowing down the costs of one of these can be very difficult. This is largely because there are different price ranges depending on the availability of building sides and the population density of the location where a target wallscape might go.

It must also be known that wallscapes, being very much like giant billboards, are going to be priced much higher than billboards generally would be because of their potential to grab the attention of many more eyes.

Wallscape advertising is most popularly and commonly seen in large cities like Los Angeles and New York City, where this form of advertising is much more likely to be more expensive than in less densely populated locales.

Additionally, wallscapes are much more likely to be in place longer than a traditional billboard, mainly because of the extensive size and the difficulty of installment.

According to Blue Line Media, wallscapes can cost anywhere from ten-thousand dollars to 50-thousand dollars for every four weeks that the advertisement is up. Indeed, the potential price range is quite broad and would be more easily narrowed down if you were to search for prices by cities instead.

What are the Benefits of Wallscape Advertising?

There are many positive aspects to using wallscape advertising if you can properly utilize its potential. Generally, wallscapes are going to be seen by more eyes, and this is largely because they’re so much larger than billboards. There’s simply less competition for wallscapes.

They won’t have to deal with fighting for potential client attention in the way that traditional billboards will because there are comparatively fewer of them. While billboards regularly dot the edges of highways and freeways, it’s easy for the regular rectangular shapes filled with color to disappear into the background of a driver’s vision.

Additionally, because wallscapes are so large they must be put onto the sides of tall buildings, this correlates to their being almost exclusively in high traffic areas. This is where cars are much more likely to be caught in traffic or people are going to be walking around to see the interesting sights and shopping areas.

Wallscapes are also far more likely to be shared on social media because of their size. So this form of advertising is going to almost inherently have a reach that goes further than the eyes that see it in its physical space. Seeing these on your Instagram stories or Facebook timeline is just much more likely.

When Should I Use Wallscapes?

Wallscapes, as already discussed, are best utilized when they stay in place for much longer periods of time than a traditional billboard image would. That means that you’re much more likely to see long-term success from a wallscape advertisement if your message or product is evergreen.

That means that it’s best not to use wallscapes when something is only going to be seasonal, like a movie release or a performance that will only be taking place for a shorter period of time.

This form of advertising is also best utilized when a business is in need of some extra visibility, or a new team or troupe of some sort is being announced to the city. In general, it’s best if one of these is aiming to gain more long-term and sustainable visibility and growth.

If these criteria don’t fit your needs, it may be best to look into other forms of advertising.

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