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Why Do You need a Secure Time Clock App for Your Construction Business?

by Techies Guardian
Why Do You need a Secure Time Clock App for Construction Business

Why you need a secure time clock for construction business – As a construction business, your employees will be spread across different cities, states, or countries. It is an uphill task, manually keeping track of employees present in other geographical areas, working in various shifts. With accurate time and project data in hand, you can efficiently and fairly handle payroll activities.

secure webtimeclock com could help achieve these objectives for a construction business. With advanced features like GPS location, face recognition, instant payroll reports, audit logs, you could save and manage employee data centrally. You could further analyze the data to identify any gaps in the business process, and you could then work on refining such processes.

In addition, if you are looking for a construction management tool to track your construction project, here you can make use of Monday.com to Track construction project progress. With the help of Monday.com, you can follow the different stages, deadlines and know where things stand at all times.

Plan for Tasks Beforehand

Time tracking is essential for multi-location businesses like construction. When you know how many hours your employees need to complete different construction tasks, you can better estimate project timelines. Depending on work schedules and availability, you can assign and delegate tasks.

Looking at project estimates, you can better plan an employee’s work schedule whose expertise is needed at multiple construction sites. With data on hand, you can save on time, effort, and costs.

Let Employees Clock In From Any Remote Location

A construction business, compared to other businesses, has employees working at different job sites. Using a secure webtime clock com, you can bring about uniformity in your time tracking process, irrespective of the job location. In addition you can also make use of wedge anchors in your building construction.

Employees can log in on the web browser using their phones or tablets and clock in with a single click. Time clocks come enabled with GPS location to easily track what job site the employee is working on.

Better Payroll Administration

You might hire freelancers to complete construction projects on time. You need to accurately track working hours to pay both your employees and freelancers fairly. Billable hours data is also required to track project milestones and verify if you are on track.

Several time tracking tools come equipped with instant payroll report generation, DCAA compliant audit logs, customized payroll report generation, and more. Based on timesheets filled in by the employees, these reports help your payroll team carry out their responsibilities better.

Be Labor Law Compliant

As per the US Department of Labor, employees in the construction industry working for a company with annual gross sales of $500,000 or more are subject to FLSA. This means you need to establish a workweek and pay your employees overtime when the working hours go beyond 40. The overtime payout needs to be cleared weekly.

With a time tracking tool, you can create customized break entries for your employees to ensure local law compliance. You can auto-generate payroll reports to be FLSA-compliant. Time tracking tools are designed to help both employers and employees.

Make Time Tracking Easy for Employees

Using a web-based time tracking tool, employees can clock in and clock out of the system within a few seconds. Mobile phones are now everyday phenomena, and they should be leveraged to make time tracking easier for employees.

Time clock apps using cloud storage enable employees to clock in from different construction sites and also let you view and manage timesheets on the go. Employees can create timesheets with just a few clicks, make detailed entries if required, and type in additional project-based notes. The easier the app is to use, the more employees will make the most of it.

Gain Visibility over Your Construction Business

One of the primary benefits of using a time tracking app is that you gain complete visibility over your business. Before you can implement any improvement processes, you first need to know the ground realities of your business.

A time tracking app lets you know precisely what is happening in your business. You get answers to questions like how many hours employees are putting in, how much time it takes them to complete tasks, are getting enough breaks, is a packed work schedule impacting productivity.

The answers to these questions reveal areas of improvement, opportunities that you can utilize to improve productivity and save on costs while also making the work environment safe and comfortable for your employees.

A secure time clock helps you and your employees accurately track hours. Backed by the cloud environment, employees can create timesheets from different job locations they are working at. They can use a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone to clock in and clock out. You can generate detailed payroll reports on the fly. You can set customized time entries to ensure labor law compliance, boost productivity and overall employee satisfaction.

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