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Top 3 Intellectual Property Protection Challenges

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Top 3 Intellectual Property Protection Challenges

Top 3 Intellectual Property Protection Challenges – In recent times, technological advancement has made it very easy for businesses to spread themselves across millions of miles and make a profit as they do. But the same progress has also made it overly easy to steal intellectual properties and assets. People on the other side of the world can easily steal names, designs, and copyrights of brands they do not even know.

Consequently, this has resulted in increasing measures of intellectual property protection. Brands that do not protect what they have easily lost them to nefarious individuals who are always on the lookout for what to grab and run. And once they have these properties, they impersonate the brand or create fake and counterfeit goods and services that put the larger customers at risk.

Protecting intellectual properties has therefore become a requirement in a world teeming with revolutionary changes and consistent growth in information technology. However, even this type of all-important protection is not without its challenges. Furthermore, VPN is the ideal option to improve your online privacy and protect yourself from cyberattacks and phishing attacks.

Today, we will consider what the greatest challenges of intellectual property protection are and how to solve them.

What Is Intellectual Property Protection?

Intellectual properties are defined as those valuable assets that a brand owns. They include properties like names, internet protocol (IP), brand logo, product designs, patents for innovations, and copyrights, etc.

Intellectual property protection is, therefore, the various measures and strategies used in safeguarding these assets. They include activities such as:

  • Registering your brand name and logo
  • Getting patent protection for your company and all its assets
  • Protecting your patent and copyrights against infringements
  • Preventing people from using your product ideas in creating and marketing counterfeit products
  • Protecting your trademarks
  • Handling and protecting your designs to protect customers and maximize profit

Why It Is Important For Companies

There are several benefits to protecting these valuable assets, and some of them include:

1. Enhancing The Market Value of Your Brand

Intellectual assets are what sets your brand apart and differentiates it from other similar businesses. And they help in generating revenue and income, as well as increasing sales and commercialization of goods and services.

Also, the more protected your assets are, the better the value of your brand in the market, as it is widely believed that brands that can easily be impersonated without consequences are inferior and should not be taken seriously.

2. For Raising Funding And Finance

Intellectual properties like a solid business name can make it easier for a brand to get funding. And when looking to invest, investors will most likely align with companies that have their assets well protected, as it means that more people can rely upon and trust them in the market.

More so, a brand with well-protected assets can easily turn them into money by either selling, licensing, or using them exclusively in the market.

3. For Fair Market Competition

Competition is getting even fiercer in the global market by the minute. Usually, brands that can stand out have a better chance of performing better than those that cannot be easily identified amongst similar businesses. Companies that have their license and copyrights registered can be differentiated in the market, and this can altogether boost the bottom line for the brand.

4. For A Better Customer Relations

Counterfeiting causes significant harm to both brands and customers. It causes brands to lose sales, profit and revenue while exposing customers to fake and harmful products. And this counterfeiting usually starts when intellectual properties get infringed upon, or a brand gets impersonated.

Hence, protecting your brand assets implies that you will be indirectly protecting your customers and making them trust you even more.

Main Challenges Of Intellectual Property Protection

Without questions, we can all agree now those brands need to protect their intangible assets. But doing so is not without challenges. Below are 3 of the top challenges that brands will likely face while trying to protect their assets:

1. Geo-Restrictions

This is a serious challenge because people who will steal your assets are most likely going to be located in a different part of the world, in a place where you may be restricted from accessing them. The downside of this is that it becomes impossible to monitor illegal activities and the abuse of your brand in those regions.

2. Expertise

Protecting your brand is a full-time job that does not only require time and energy but experience and expertise as well.

From gathering the necessary data to taking the necessary actions, everything requires good knowledge and sophisticated tools. And this can easily prove a difficult challenge for companies who cannot afford all of these.

3. Scalability

Intellectual property theft can occur on different websites, regions and in other ways at once. It can become very challenging to monitor all of these on a large scale and adapt easily to prevent theft when people try to use novel methods.

Solutions To These Challenges

The best solution for dealing with intellectual property protection challenges is to use web scrapers in combination with the best proxies.

Web scraping will allow you automatically gather data in large quantities and from multiple sources at once. In contrast, proxies will enable you to evade different limitations and bypass geo-restrictions easily. For instance, a UK company looking to prevent its brand abuse in Russia can combine a fitting web scraper with a Russian proxy for maximum results. If you are interested in acquiring a proxy tied to a specific geolocation , visit this page to learn more details.


You need to protect your brand assets because failure to do so can easily push you out of the market, and even though the task can get easily challenging, you can easily merge web scraping with the best proxies to stay on top of your game.

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