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Want To Speed &Clean Your PC? Here Are Apps You Need

by Techies Guardian
Want To Speed &Clean Your PC

Want To Speed  Clean Your PC? Here Are Apps You Need – Is your computer behaving like an old person, incapacitated in performing its own task?

Extremely slow?

Don’t panic. Everything on earth performs slowly with time. But with your computer, you can take certain steps in restoring your computer back to its heydays.

There are certain apps that are tested to be highly effective in speeding and cleaning your PC.

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In this article, we are going to discuss certain apps that are touted to speed up and clean up your PC effectively.

Why Do Computers Run Slow Over Time?

Computers run slow over time due to some reasons. There are different factors that work to slow down your computer. :

  1. The hardware that you are using at this moment is backdated.
  2. There are software issues with your computer.
  3. Too many active programs and browser tabs are opened while working.
  4. Rogue programs are hogging the processing powers.
  5. Unnecessary software updates.
  6. Too many apps open automatically when you start your PC.
  7. Virus and system malware.

The Apps That Fill The Gap (Speeding And Cleaning)

Many apps claim to be highly effective in mitigating the issue of slowing down your computer and cleaning. But that always is not the case here.

The promises that are made prove to be empty vaunt. Believe us; these are not trustworthy at all.

So here we are discussing the best software that is running in the market with a good success rate.

1. Iolo System Mechanics

The app is not free ($39.96). But they come with a lot of features that help provide smoothness to your computer.

The major function performed by the software is cleaning down the old files. They also work to repair the damaged aspects that are responsible for slowing down the speed of your PC.

The app is operating in the market with lots of reputation.

2. C Cleaner

The app is highly beneficial for speeding and cleaning your PC. It comes in both forms: paid and free versions. Both are running successfully and with lots of potentials.

With the app, you can add real-time protection against malware and junk files. The defense mechanism expedites the speeding and cleaning of your system.

3. Mycleaner PC

My cleaner PC has been there for quite some time in the market, and it has earned a niche in this segment.

The app offers different features that are highly effective in providing protection to your computer. It acts to clear the files that are unnecessarily stagnating your systems. The app also identifies the corrupt files and takes steps to remove them from your PC for good.

The performance of this app is great. No matter why this comes in the list of effective PC cleaning apps.

4. Outbyte

The software comes under the platform of Windows 7,8,10, and Mac. It’s feature-loaded and is going really well in the market in terms of performance.

In addition, it acts to protect browsers and email and secure the system from viruses. It is available in two versions, free and paid versions.

The price of the pay versions starts at $19.99. This is for a single license for three PCs.

5. Outbyte PC Repair

This application forms one of the most effective PC protection tools. It provides solutions for various system issues.

First, it clears the disk space and pinpoints the cached files. Then, it removes them from the PC.

6. Advanced SystemCare

The system provides a free PC cleaner to download. Advanced system care also offers various paid products like the advanced system cleaner 13pro and advanced system.

This system offers interesting features that are deemed extremely effective in identifying the issues.

7. AVG Tuneup

When it comes to trusted antivirus software, this is highly rated. The app has a software sleep mode that completely freezes unneeded software apps.

One more option that the software offers is an in-built software updater that can check for updates. Unfortunately, AVG charges a massive $39.99 a year. But you can get a 30-day free trial.


It is identified from the finding that the apps are highly effective, and their efficacy in speeding and cleaning your PC is tried and tested.

Therefore you need to understand the issues that torment your computer and choose from these apps.

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