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What Uses can you Give a VPN if you Carry it on Your Mobile?

by Techies Guardian
What Uses can you Give a VPN if you Carry it on Your Mobile

Uses you can Give to a VPN if you Carry it on Your Mobile – Currently, the vast majority of the time we spend on the Internet, we do it through the screen of our mobile phone. When we open the browser, almost any app that we have installed also connects us to the Internet and makes our data travel from one server to another. You just have to think about the times we connect with our bank through its app, when we upload photos to a social network or when we buy something through an eCommerce app.

That is why, more and more, and it is important to consider the installation of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to, in the first place, protect our data from any type of attack. Thanks to these services, we can prevent any other person, whatever the intention, from seeing the information that we are sent even when we connect to a Public WiFi network that, on the other hand, are the most insecure.

Now, this is its main function, but not the only one since the possibility of establishing a tunnel for our data opens up many more possibilities than we could have thought at first. If you’re looking for the best VPNs out there, check the ones on reddit.com.

Besides Increasing Privacy, What is a VPN for?


We have already commented that its main function is to provide us with absolute anonymity when browsing the Internet. Still, this feature allows us to apply it to different areas such as:

Avoid Tracking our Position:

Through the IP, an Internet or mobile phone provider, although they cannot know what you are doing on web pages, thanks to the HTTPS protocol, they do know which pages you are visiting. By activating a VPN, since our IP can be masked at all times, we can hide this information from our activity.

Unblock Prohibited Services in a Country

It is another of the great functions that a VPN provides. When we travel to countries like China, we find that common services like Google, Gmail, or YouTube are not available, and their apps will not work either. That is why it is necessary to “cheat” the system and tell it that we are connecting from a different country. VPNs allow us to choose the country of the server from which we connect so that it simulates that we are, where we are not really.

Access Content Restricted in a Country

In the same way, it is not necessary for a service to prohibited, simply that it only has part of its contents, for copyright reasons, to one country or another. With a VPN, we could connect to the US or any other country and discover more series and movies that we cannot access normally. In addition, you can also change country on Amazon prime.

There are Free and Paid VPNs, Which is the Most Reliable?

It is right that there are free VPNs such as the one that can be activated in the Opera browser, but its functions are so limited, in fact, it does not even let you choose the country from which you connect, which are not usually recommended. In addition, they do not guarantee that the connection speed will be maintained. And they do not have guarantees or a technical service behind that can help us if we have problems.

For their part, paid VPNs are not excessively expensive. We are talking about costs that can be as little as 5.83 USD a month, or what is the same, two coffees. It is a minimum investment for all the advantages they offer, and, in addition, it does not have any complications to install. We simply download the app, create an account with our email and a password, and click “activate.”

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