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Trollishly’s 8 Content Ideas to Grow Your Business Using TikTok [2023]

by Techies Guardian
Trollishly's 8 Content Ideas to Grow Your Business Using TikTok

Trollishly’s 8 Content Ideas to Grow Your Business Using TikTok – In today’s digital era, spreading the word about a business is easier with the power of social media platforms. These days, plenty of social networking sites are found on the internet, and TikTok is one among them. Earlier, TikTok was launched with the intention of entertaining users with short-form videos. Later on, the incredible features and younger demographics transformed it into an ideal marketing tool.

Solopreneurs, small businesses, content creators, influencers, and social media managers have been shifting to this video-sharing platform to reap multiple benefits. Since the competition is increasing day by day, many TikTokers buy tiktok likes to enhance their engagement rate and stand out from the crowd. But the real challenge lies in creating content that suits your target audience. If you are stuck between choosing TikTok video concepts, then this article is for you. Continue reading!

1. Curate & Share Series Videos

Most content creators craft and share videos that explain different concepts at different times. Being a business owner or marketer, you may consider uploading videos in a series.

Clearly understand what your niche is all about, who your target audience is and what they would like to know related to your business. Then create a plan to convey specific information within the given duration. This makes people who are interested in your selected topic follow your profile to consume more content that you post in the upcoming days. Also, your new visitor or follower could learn about that concept on the go.

2. Catch the Trend Train ASAP

Social media is an ever-evolving platform. So, every user should be on the deck to adopt trends before it goes outdated. Considering the trends is always a great idea, as these kinds of videos have more chances to go viral, especially on TikTok medium.

Although you are a business or brand, it is advisable to follow the trends while maintaining your own tone and style. The best part of TikTok is that you need not worry about content ideas, as trends are often changing. Furthermore, you can make use of Trollishly to expand your reach and increase the chance of getting featured on the ‘For You Page’.

3. Craft Educational Videos

Businesses that want to build a lasting relationship with their valuable followers/customers should opt for creating educational content. TikTok audiences are keener on learning new skills or concepts in an interactive way. However, it doesn’t mean that your content should be too professional to educate your audience.

Since TikTok is an entertaining platform almost filled with the younger demographic, your video should be interesting. Blend your informative content with trending audio, eye-catching effects, and visual elements to make your video impressive.

4. How-to or Tutorial Videos

If you are selling a product or service, tutorial videos will give hands to you. Create a demonstration video, hacks, tips, tricks, or whatever speaks about your brand. From product launches to testimonials, there are a wide variety of video options to choose from. All you need to do is pick the right one as per your need and make it meaningful for your brand.

5. Myth Busting & Fact Videos

Here is another content idea to grab the audience’s attention toward your TikTok profile. Even though technology has been evolving, there are myths and facts in almost all industries that most people are unaware of.

Then, why not use it for your business growth? Simply find out the essential information that people need to know regarding your niche and take your content in front of them. Obviously, these videos will bring you better results than you expect and take your profile to the next level.

6. Get Inspiration from FYP 

Though there are several ways to find trending content ideas for your TikTok profile, spending time on the ‘For You Page’ is a great idea. TikTok videos that gain more views and engagement in a shorter period of time mostly get featured here.

When you go through those videos, you may come to know about the current trends, trending music, and effects that help to enrich your content. Finally, you can add those aspects to your video and make it visible to your followers.

7. Show Off Your Personal Side

Blooming brands or businesses should build trustworthy relationships to reach more heights in their niche. Take advantage of the TikTok platform to showcase your brand, your brand’s authenticity, and how genuine it is. The personal side doesn’t mean that you need to share everything related to your personal life.

Shoot and share behind-the-scenes, i.e., what is happening in your business and how you handle it. Also, you can capture short vlogs that show a day in your life, a success story, a failure story, or challenges that you overcame.

All these ideas help you to establish personal relationships with your audience and give them a chance to become your loyal customer. Additionally, seek the support of Trollishly to increase content visibility and enhance the exposure of your brand effectively.

8. Recycle Your Best Content

As a business owner or marketer, you might have a presence across several social platforms. If you have posted business-related videos right there and attained a significant milestone, then recycle the same content for TikTok. Yes, you heard it right! Copying or sharing other creators’ content is worthless.

But tweaking your own video and sharing it on TikTok will be a good option for you. Create a short-form video in such a way that it suits the format of TikTok and upload them at regular intervals. This way, you can save your time and effort on creating new videos every time.

A Quick Run-Down

To sum up, these are a set of content ideas that enrich your business presence, especially on the TikTok platform. Videos created in these styles not only showcase your product or service amidst a million audience but also help you to make the most out of your social presence. But don’t settle with these ideas only. Let your creative juices flow, and keep experimenting with various videos at your convenience.

Good luck for creating TikTok videos that let viewers hit the heart button without fail!

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