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Top Tech Care Tips for Modern Life

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Top Tech Care Tips for Modern Life

Top Tech Care Tips for Modern Life – Modern life is characterized by some of the most complicated and complex technology that we have ever used. This article looks at some of the most forgotten care tips to keep this tech of yours working as best it can and should.

Dust dirt and grime

Tech is used everywhere from the computers elementary students use to those used by professors and businesspeople, and all of it needs to be kept as clean and protected as possible.

Dust is a killer for tech with small internal components and parts that easily overheat. The simple principle is that if you can see the dust on the surface of your tech then there’s already huge amounts of dust particles that you can’t see that are making their way inside. Keep stationary tech, such as laptops, keyboards, PC’s, games consoles covered when not in use and ensure that you have a suitably powerful vacuum/blower to be able to clean dust off everything.

Regular thorough cleaning

Start with the screen, but you also need to detach the battery and wipe it down and clean the cover and contact areas. Use a microfiber cloth – the aim is to keep the dust and grime particles off the screen and surface areas of the technology that you use.

Screen scratches

There’s nothing worse than a screen that is full of scratches and therefore is almost impossible to watch or read anything from in the wrong light. Think about where you carry and store your tech: it may be expensive mobile tech or the work laptop, no keys in pockets or bags with the device and have a screen protector that can be replaced from time to time to keep your screen pristine.

Keep the tech clean on the inside with cogent cyber protection

It’s often overlooked and yet is just as important as blowing out the dust, but cyber protection in the way of firewalls antiviruses and keep your software as up to date as you possibly can. It’s your software that will allow you to make the best use of the technical capabilities at your fingertips, so make sure it’s the best it can be and is safe and secure.

Have basic hygiene rules when sharing technology

Whether it’s the smart home speaker that is accessed and shared by all or the office PC. From the manner in which we log on and access the network to how we leave the actual physical device. It’s all quite important for both cyber security and basic office and shared tech etiquette.

Regardless of where the tech is being used, it will work so much better if it is kept clean and looked after. A regular cleaning regime and teaching tech etiquette from the earliest of stages, even from elementary school, where computers and laptops are being used is the only way to ensure that the tech we use, functions at its best. You may think of cleaning as a waste of time, but unless you keep practicing these care tips your tech will simply get slower and less responsive over time.

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