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Top Best Spy Apps for Android in 2021

by Techies Guardian
Top Best Spy Apps for Android in 2021

A phone spy app is a mobile application developed for spying on someone. Contrary to popular opinion, Android spy apps can be used as a legal solution tool, for example, to trace a lost or stolen phone. Also, some parents use spy apps to supervise their kids’ phone activity.

Spy apps are almost impossible to detect, and they do not interfere with the device itself. Also, they are easy to install and navigate. Let’s find out why you actually may need to purchase such an app too.

Best Spy Apps for Android 2021

To spy successfully, you need the help of excellent spy apps. More than ever before, there are multiple Android spy apps available on the market. And before you can make a choice, have a look at the list of top 5 spy apps that were all checked and tested by us.

  1. mSpy

mSpy is by far the best spy app and Instagram activity tracker for Android that we tried. You can install it within a matter of minutes. When being used at the target user’s device, the app works clandestinely. That is, it can function very well in the background.

mSpy is affordable for use at a pocket-friendly amount, but at the same time, the app is safe and reliable. It uses an encryption protection system to secure all the data so that it cannot be accessed by a third-party user.

More interestingly, the product service team is available any time of the day, so no issue goes unresolved.

mSpy - Top Best Spy Apps for Android in 2021

  1. FlexiSPY

One of the most outstanding features of this spy app is its versatility.

It works perfectly well on computers, including MacBooks, but it’s also available for Android and Apple mobile devices. The app allows to monitor and record incoming and outgoing calls, messages, and emails. You can also use FlexiSPY to track locations and keep an eye on browser activity. Among others, FlexiSpy offers a unique feature of getting access to the target’s mic and listening to the environment.

This app really stands out from the crowd and can be helpful for both private users and companies.

FlexiSPY - Top Best Spy Apps for Android in 2021

  1. iKeyMonitor

What makes iKeyMonitor an all-time favorite among spy apps for Android is its intuitive interface.

Many users describe it as a digital parent. With this spy app, parents can easily monitor their kids’ online activities, limit screen time, or block certain apps. iKeyMonitor is a software solution that prevents children from becoming victims of cyberstalking, pornography, and cyberbullying.

This app also uses GPS to track the whereabouts of the target device and set geofencing.

IKeyMonitor is a very versatile spy app. That is, it works perfectly well on both Android and iPhone devices.

iKeyMonitor - Top Best Spy Apps for Android in 2021

  1. XNSPY

It is safe and simple to use. With this spy app, you can trace your phone and other devices. The interface is user-friendly and supports numerous languages. You can use this software to track call and social media activities and get access to the phonebook on another device.

XNSPY spy app allows you to track the location of a certain gadget, say your child’s or employee’s.

One outstanding feature of this app is that you can receive notifications about all the activities on the target device.

XNSPY - Top Best Spy Apps for Android in 2021

  1. Highster Mobile

With this spy app, you can monitor call activities and the phonebook on the device. It also allows users to keep an eye on others’ social media activity and trace their physical location. What is even more convenient, you will make one payment and get all subsequent upgrades for free.

Imagine that you easily recover all your files and information from the lost or stolen phone. Highster Mobile App makes it possible. Your files and documents are well secured and easily accessible.

Highster Mobile - Top Best Spy Apps for Android in 2021

What You Need to Look for in a Spy App

When purchasing a spy app, it’s important to go for the best. mSpy is the best Android spy app in 2021. It is used by a wide range of people around the world to spy discreetly and efficiently.

It comes with all the essential features the best spy app must have. Let’s check out a few of these features below:

  • GPS System – It shows your target device’s current location and places that were visited before.
  • Text Messages Monitoring – If an SMS has been sent, received, or deleted, the spy app can easily monitor it. The same goes for messaging apps like Facebook or Telegram.
  • WhatsApp Monitoring – This App can also track the activity on WhatsApp.
  • Call History – mSpy gives you access to all the incoming and outgoing calls and shows information about every call on a target device.
  • Media – The app allows you to look through videos and pictures that were saved on the device.
  • Other necessary data – mSpy provides up-to-date information on the target’s installed apps, calendar activity, etc.


Technology has made life easier. Having installed mSpy, the best Android spy software, on your device just once, you will be able to relax knowing that your relatives are safe and your employees are focused on the success of your company.

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