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The 4 Best Mods for WhatsApp and Instagram on Android

by Techies Guardian
Mods for Whatsapp and Instagram

The 4 Best Mods for WhatsApp and Instagram on Android – Since Android is the most widely used mobile operating system today, in this article, we will talk mainly about modified Apps, yes, those that do not give additional useful functions and features compared to the original ones.

In particular, we will talk about the modified WhatsApp and Instagram apps, well, recently I discovered a page where we can find and download a complete repertoire of modified apps for these 2 social networks, Plus Apps has a complete catalog of all the modified Apps, in which, apart from providing you with such a precious .apk, it will also teach you how to install it.

What are WhatsApp and Instagram Mods?

In simple terms: Mods are basically the modified version of the official app. The modified version offers users many more functions compared to the normal version.

Mods for WhatsApp

If you have been using WhatsApp application for Android for a while, then you may know that the app imposes some restrictions on users as it is unable to send large files, lacks privacy options, cannot change themes, cannot block contacts to don’t call it, etc. So, to face such restrictions, Android users choose to use WhatsApp Mods, below I share 2 of the most popular modified Apps for WhatsApp.


GBWhatsApp offers users many more functions compared to the official WhatsApp application. With GBWhatsApp for Android, you can customize themes, download statuses, send up to 90 photos at once, etc. Not only that, but GBWhatsApp also offers users many privacy options like hiding the asset status, hiding the double read check, etc.

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is another of the best WhatsApp mod apps on the list, which is quite similar to GBWhatsApp. A Spanish developer created the WhatsApp mod, and it brings a wide range of privacy options. With WhatsApp Plus, you can easily hide the double-check for read, write status, connection status, etc. In addition to that, some other features of WhatsApp Plus include automatic reply, message scheduling, dark mode, etc.

Mods for Instagram

Instagram is basically a platform where users share images and videos and get likes for their content, In addition, you can buy cheap instagram likes from gpc. If you’ve been using Instagram for a while, you know that the mobile app doesn’t offer users any option to save images or videos.

Not only that, but Instagram for Android doesn’t allow users to zoom in on images either, lacks multi-language support, etc. Therefore, to deal with those things, Android users choose to use the modified version of Instagram.

Instagram plus

It is one of the best Instagram mods available for Android. With Instagram Plus, you can easily download videos, images, and statuses you see in the feed. Some other Instagram Plus features include zooming in pictures, a lot of language support, some privacy options, customization options, etc.


Well, GBInstagram is another better-modified version of Instagram that you can use on your Android phone. Like all other modified versions of Instagram, GBInstagram also allows users to download images, status, and videos from the Instagram feed. In our opinion, GBInstagram is superior to Instagram Plus because it offers many more functions. Some of the best features of GBInstagram include translating comments, copying comments, descriptions, etc. Also you can find more helpful resources at technologyies.

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