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How to choose work management software

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How to choose a right work management software

How to choose work management software : Ten criteria to take into account before choosing the right management software for my town hall. Still have a question, How to choose a right work management software Keep reading to know about the criteria and things to consider before buying a management software:

1- ADAPTABILITY: my management software easily adapts to technical and regulatory changes in the public sector

Good management software must adapt to the changes made in the current changing legal framework (Chorus Pro, Withholding Tax, DSN, etc.). My management software must strictly comply with the various public sector regulations and provide regular updates to adapt quickly and consider the impacts of management changes. The same logic must prevail concerning technical developments. The publisher of high-performance management software should be able to provide you with new features likely to improve your efficiency: for example, via mobile access or operation in SaaS (Software As A Service) model.

2- ACCESSIBILITY: my management software allows me to work from anywhere, anytime

With the evolution of working methods and territorial reorganization, more and more agents are working on several sites or, in some cases, teleworking. The SaaS model is the obvious answer to this new flexibility issue. It provides easy and secure access to remote management software as a hosted service. Each authorized agent can access the work tools and files he needs daily to carry out his mission from a simple Internet browser.

3- SIMPLICITY: my management software is simple to learn and easy to use

The final choice of management software will naturally consider the simplicity of handling and the ease of use of the solution. Homogeneous ergonomics, which facilitate navigation and make use intuitive and accessible to all, is a real advantage for agents. High-performance management software must consist of many customizable parameters to respond to each issue of community management. A well-thought-out management software interface allows quick consultations and streamlines the links between business applications for immediate access to information.

4- TRACEABILITY: my management software optimizes the traceability of documents and management processes

The traceability of documents and management processes is a subject that is growing with the digital revolution that is currently transforming the public sector. Whether for the finance department or the HR department of a local authority, traceability concerns both dematerialized documents and complete day-to-day management processes (invoices, payslips, validation of an order form, confirmation of a leave request, etc.). High-performance management software optimizes process traceability by identifying stakeholders and their actions, guarantee optimal security and collaboration.

5- EFFICIENCY: my management software generates significant time savings daily

While facilitating the dematerialization of parts and management processes, sound management software must offer a configurable and customizable workspace to best support each agent. The management software must generate a real saving of time, in particular in the execution of repetitive tasks, to allow the agent to focus on missions with higher added value. The management software should not be only a technical element but a real assistant for the agent, through simplified functions, guides, or interactive assistants accessible in one click on demand.

6- SECURITY: my management software ensures a high level of confidentiality for all my data

Data security is a priority today in the face of numerous external threats. Public bodies have a legal responsibility for confidentiality concerning the data of their agents, but beyond that, towards citizens. It is the data specific to the community that must be protected. Consequently, good management software for the district must be a perfect bulwark against harmful practices and ensure a high level of confidentiality for all data.

7- THE COLLABORATIVE: my management software includes an online portal facilitating interactions with your employees

Management software must have collaborative functionalities or interface with an online portal to generate better interactions between employees and team leaders. They facilitated management and administrative monitoring, joint management software functions as a trustworthy online portal around which all business workflows are built. Information is thus shared and verified at several levels to result in consolidated qualitative data ultimately. Collaborative enables agents to create, share and modify work files in real-time and optimize the flow of information between departments.

8- CUSTOMIZATION: my management software is adapted to the size and specific needs of my community

Each local authority, whatever its size, has specific and more or less priority needs in terms of management: controlling the payroll, managing recruitment, developing agents’ skills, etc. Thus, efficient management software must be highly customizable to meet different financial management or human resources needs. The flexibility and modular approach of software are crucial elements to consider in making the right choice. The functionalities available must be adapted to the size of the community.

9- DEMATERIALIZATION: my management software accelerates the dematerialization of parts and processes

For communities, dematerialization becomes obvious. The new generation of management software is native to the Web and is at the service of performance. Good management software speeds up the dematerialization of parts and processes. The integration of digitized documents into the information system is democratized. Thanks to an integrated Electronic Document Management (EDM), the archiving and classification of information, whose return on investment over time is now unanimous.

10- FUNCTIONAL: my management software offers me a unique space to manage the variety of my trades

High-performance management software offers a single interface for managing the various businesses: payroll, accounting, services to citizens, etc. Management software must be designed intelligently, interactive, and fluidly to make life easier for users. Customizable dashboards and alerts are all assets that make it possible to manage the activity optimally.

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