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Secrets Hidden in Everyday Objects

by Techies Guardian
Secrets Hidden in Everyday Objects

There are some secrets and hidden features on objects we use on a day-to-day basis. The passage gives a full compilation of them.

8 things you didn’t know about everyday items

Many hidden features have been hidden in our lives, ranging from why wine bottles have dimples in them, to how to check the date of birth of your mobile phone, have you ever found anyone of them on your own?

The lids on throw-away cups

If you buy a drink from Starbucks, McDonald’s, Burger King, or anywhere that sells drinks in their throw-away cups, they come with those little, plastic lids, their main use is to stop the drink from spilling out, but did you know they also double as a coaster? They can clip on the base of the cup perfectly, but I think I’d much prefer to use them to prevent spills.The lids on throw-away cups

The carter on Tic-Tac

Tic-Tac lids have a little crater in them that perfectly dispenses a single Tic-Tac. I am guilty of extracting Tic-Tacs the wrong way up until now. But then again who eats a single Tic-Tac? I much prefer to pour about 5 in my hand then shove them into my mouth and gobble them all at once.

The brackets on the nozzle hose

Have you ever been at the petrol station and wondered what those little brackets on the top of the nozzle hose are? Some people fill up their cars and forget to remove the nozzle, those brackets at the top are a magnetic safety feature that snaps away when forgetful people drive off with the hose still in their car.

The dimple on the wine bottles

The dimple at the bottom of a wine bottle remain known as a “punt”. The pint i known to serve a few uses but I’ll just explain the main one. Historically flat bottom bottles were hand-blown and would occasionally result in deformities, those deformities sometimes prevented the bottle from standing up straight, which makes it prone to tipping over. The punt came about as a solution to this. They would tie it off and push the excess up into the bottle, and problems were solved.

The SN code for a mobile phone

Have you ever wondered “how old is my phone”? Every phone has a serial number(SN), which is a unique identifier. It is an ID card, recording every phone’s birthday. By entering the magic character *#06# on the dial pad, you can check the SN code of your smartphone in a short time.The SN code for a mobile phone

The lines on your keyboard

If you are reading this article on a PC or a laptop, take a look at your keyboard, in particular, the letter “F” and “J”, you will notice that they are the only keys with a small, raised line on them. But why is that? Those keys are on the home row, and those lines act as a guide for people to correctly position their hands without having to look down at the keys. The theory is, if you can raise lines without looking, then you will know where the rest of the keys are from that point.

The hole in the handle on the kitchen stuff

I bet that every pot and pan in your kitchen has a hole in the handle. Most people would say that is for hanging them up, and they are right. But those holes also have another use. You can use it to hold a utensil instead of putting it on the side after stirring your bolognese.

The hole in plane windows

Have you ever been on a plane and seen those tiny, little holes in the windows and wondered what they’re for? They are called “bleed holes” and, believe it or not, they remain actually there for our safety, since pressure changes in the cabin during the flight, it live also necessary to equalize the pressure between the windows. It also ensures that the outer pane bears the most pressure, so if there ever were a situation that caused added strain on the windows, it would be the outside panel that blows out, which would still keep you relatively safe.


Those are secrets about items we see every day, hope you find this article enlightening.

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