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Rise of Online Gaming

by Techies Guardian
Rise of Online Gaming

It isn’t easy to imagine a world where we’re not playing video or mobile games on our computers. Online gaming has become ubiquitous with the new technology in our lives, whether you’re playing games on mobile devices and, of course, computers, online gaming has become an important part of the gaming sector. When we started to use computers as a means of entertainment, below we will cover the rise of online gaming on both mobile and desktop devices.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is also associated with online gaming since mobile devices allow users to surf the web and register on a platform that offers a selection of different games. For example, if you’re interested in online casino games, there are mobile-optimized online casinos that are available in just a couple of taps on your smartphone. You’ll have your pick from mobile-friendly bonuses, promotions and get your hands on a highroller casino bonus from your smartphone.

You can open an account and play any game you want. Also, if you want to download the games on your device, there are mobile casino apps that allow you to do that. You can download the app and access the games from your mobile application.

So, in other words, online gaming evolved into mobile gaming, which allows users to install any app they want on their smartphone and to browse the web, watch videos, or play mobile games.

Then there is an increasing number of mobile games on the market which are available for free, and a lot of them require an Internet connection show which allows players to connect and interact with other users around the world for example, if you want to play a game like Ludo online or if you want to test your knowledge against users from different corners of the world.

Another example is the development of Pokemon Go which not only requires to good internet connection but it also introduces AR technology in the online gaming world.

Online Gaming on Computers

Video games were developed for computers since the late 70s, but with the advent of the Internet, there was an opportunity for online gaming since they didn’t have to purchase video games and wait for them to download on their device, as they could easily access the platform from their computer as long as they had a good Internet connection. Over the years, as Internet capabilities improved, online gaming has become more popular.

The first online game was SGI Dogfight, released in 1983; since then, it has not only online games been developed for desktop devices but also dedicated online gaming platforms. The rise of online gaming is marked with multiplayer games, which allow users to communicate with each other and play against each other online. It became a huge part of the gaming sector since it connected gamers around the world and created a community around gaming.

Another important innovation is the development of game consoles with built-in internet capabilities. One example would be Nintendo Wii which is built-in with WiFi capabilities, and it allows online multiplayer gaming.


In conclusion, online gaming will probably develop even further in the future, thanks to the increased capabilities of mobile and desktop devices. Moreover, with the deployment of 5G networks, it will be much easier for users to play any game they want since 5G offers higher Internet speeds and better performance, and lower lag. On the other hand, AR and VR technologies continue to develop even further, and they will likely provide immersive as well as engaging, and interactive gaming experiences online on both desktop and mobile devices.

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