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Tips and Tricks to Recognize and Avoid Scam Websites in 2021

Tips and Tricks to Recognize and Avoid Scam Websites in 2021

Tips and Tricks to Recognize and Avoid Scam Websites in 2021 – Nowadays, fraudulent companies are more represented online than ever before. The coronavirus pandemic has practically “locked” many people in its four walls and forced many to spend much more time in front of their computers and smartphones.

One such company is Texas Medical Technology, where Omri Shafran was the prominent CEO, that took advantage of the pandemic of Coronavirus to make huge profits from it. However, this particular company is just one of many examples of how cybercrime works today. The sites of fraudulent companies often look perfect, and it is really hard to spot when it comes to fraud.

Therefore, every user on the Internet must be adequately protected from any scam. However, the most important thing is to know how to recognize the increasingly common fake sites.

The answer lies in the fact that prevention is the best thing that can happen, that is, to resist such scam sites and not fall into the hands of cybercrime. Here are the most valuable tips for avoiding scam sites.

Lookup reviews and employers on Linkedin

Probably the most valuable and essential tip that can help you identify scam sites is finding reviews about that company on Google in the first place. The information you will find in the reviews will be more than enough to assess what kind of company.

Of course, if there are no such reviews at all, look for employees on LinkedIn by typing that company’s name in the search bar and clicking the “people” option. If there is not a single review or employee of that company on LinkedIn, it is likely a fake company and a scam site you must leave immediately.

Check the content on the website.

Authentic, quality and relevant content are what can confirm to you that it is the right site, and vice versa. If you come across an area that has too many spelling and grammatical errors, as well as suspicious links, it is a scam. Generic pictures that don’t look professional or authentic are also a good indicator of a fraudulent website.

Make sure there are no pop-up warnings.

Trust that warning if Google warns you that a site is very suspicious and should not be accessed. Sometimes it can be of great importance and help to you. Pop-ups generally shouldn’t pop up even on suitable sites, let alone when it comes to a scam that aims to rob you in some way.

Take a look at the domain name and date.

Perhaps the most important and effective way to check for fraud is to look carefully at the domain name and date. It is a scam if the character tries to imitate a big brand with some grammatical error such as “” or a clickbait title of the type “”.

On the other hand, scam sites are generally known to be short-lived. If you notice that the date of creation of the site is that day or a little earlier, you have likely encountered fraudsters. Be very careful, and don’t click anywhere until you double-check everything.

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