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Does Playing Games At Work Really Increase Productivity?

by Techies Guardian
Does Playing Games At Work Really Increase Productivity

Does Playing Games At Work Really Increase Productivity – Perhaps your immediate response is a resounding no. How on earth could playing computer games at work ever be a good thing?

While most people will guiltily admit to doing something on their work computers that isn’t work – such as shopping, gaming, or internet surfing – this has never been seen as a good thing. What’s changed?

The answer may surprise you.

5 ways that playing games at work can increase productivity

It stands to reason that we need a balance. You can’t spend all day playing games at work, and it can largely depend on your boss’ attitude and rules. However, here are five ways that playing games at work can actually help to increase your productivity.

1. Increases workplace satisfaction

Work can drain us, and it’s easy to come to dread coming to work. But what if you knew you’d have the opportunity to play a game you enjoy? What if you knew that the games would bring you and your coworkers closer together, and leave you feeling refreshed and sharper than ever?

2. Promotes relaxation and stress relief

Simple, satisfying games can help relax our minds and let us focus on something mundane but entertaining. You might notice physical benefits – slower heart rate, deeper breathing, alleviation of physical pain – but the mental and emotional benefits are just as tangible.

3. Increases attention span

Playing games can teach us to focus and concentrate for longer on a particular task or problem. In short, increasing our attention span. This is great for the workplace, of course, but it also benefits us in all areas of our lives.

4. Gives a mood boost

Playing a favorite game can leave us feeling relaxed and stress-free, ready to tackle whatever comes next. It provides a much-needed rest without letting your mind switch off, and can actually leave you feeling more ready than ever to continue with your work.

5. Increases creativity and problem-solving skills

Depending on the game, you might find yourself getting better at problem-solving and creative thinking. Many games require advanced problem-solving, which never really feels like work because it’s in the context of the game. This promotes out-of-the-box thinking, which is of course useful for just about every aspect of our lives – but especially at work.

What games should you play?

So, now that you’ve decided that playing computer games at work is going to be good for you, what next?

Of course, there may well be a rule against using company time and equipment to play games like that, in which case, there’s not much you can do. You should also avoid playing inappropriate games.

Why not start simply? Basic games like chess, or an alternate version of solitaire, Freecell, draughts, word games like scrabble, mahjong, and other card games.

A group game can be a good bonding experience, and certain computer games emphasize problem-solving skills. Why not experiment, and see what suits you and your team best?

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