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The latest and tips & tricks on how to become better in CS:GO

by Techies Guardian
The latest and tips & tricks on how to become better in CS:GO

Counter Strike is a beloved video game series by the gaming community; it offers simplicity and an environment that never changes for the player. That’s why you see so many players still returning to this game. Even 10 years after the release. The environment is so well known and so rooted into the player that when they play CS:GO it all clicks together.

The muscle memory is there, it instantly clicks. So getting good in CS:GO is just a matter of playing and more playing over time? Well, partially yes. But in reality not really, there are many tips that may help you reach that rank you think you deserve.

Don’t get too serious it’s a ingredient for tilting

Don’t take the game so seriously, being frustrated is completely normal and natural. It happens to every gamer. But staying overtime can make you tilted, which is a term gamers use to describe a player who has given up and is angry. When you hear “oh god, he is so tilted!” that means he is either very angry shouting, or has just given up and is trolling around.

So for your longevity in the game CS:GO and your mental health, don’t take the game too seriously. Relax once in a while, look at some skins or open some CS:GO cases.

CS:GO has recognized that their players sometimes get tilted so CS:GO has put case openings and skins in for people to distract them and entertain them. You can also open and trade skins on sites like CSGORadar.com.

Communicate & talk to your team

When you join a competitive game there might always be that one player without a microphone or the one who is not using it. This puts you as a team already at a disadvantage in contrast with the enemy team. So don’t be one of these players, get a microphone if you don’t have one. Talk throughout the game, not too much though. When a round is about the start, walk through the plan you and your team have.

Use a plan of action before a game

Don’t go into a game or map without a plan of action. It is like walking into a game blindfolded, planning the game out based on the map. Also before you queue for a game talk to yourself and walk yourself through the plan you will follow as a player. Will you be a shotcaller? Will you support players with an AWP and get them across safely? What is your plan of action before a game?

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