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Betting Options and Strategies to Bet in Online Poker

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Betting Options and Strategies to Bet in Online Poker

Betting Options and Strategies to Bet in Online Poker – Seasoned poker players reckon the importance of making a bet. Other players at the table can tell your style based on how often you bet. Below are the basics of betting and the different betting strategies to improve your betting effectiveness and odds of winning online poker real money. But first, you need to understand the basics of betting.

The basics of betting

According to betting basics, if nobody else has entered the pot, you can bet first. That could be the minimum – the current value of the big blind or more. If another player has already bet, you can add the same number of chips to call or raise.

Know your betting options

Bet for value. A value bet is whereby you think you’ve got the best hand and want to build a pot, winning more chips. Here, you are betting, hoping to get called by an opponent with a worse hand.

Bet as a bluff. You can also bet when you know you don’t have the best hand, but you want to make your opponent think that you do – you want them to fold. This type of bet is known as a bluff, the opposite of a value bet. You are betting, hoping to get your opponent to fold a better hand.

Although bluffing is central to poker, it is only part of the game. You should be very selective, only bluffing when confident it will work. For example, against tight, risk-averse players, and preferably when your hand still has a chance of improving on the turn or river.

Now that you know why you want to bet, let’s discuss the various betting strategies.

Betting strategies

You can’t be first into the flop because the players in the small blind and big blind will have already posted the first bets. So, here, you’re going to be raising. The question is: How much to raise? It is best to stick to a standard raise size for all your hands, between two big and three big blinds. Ensure you don’t give away the strength of the cards you hold. What you must not do is make a bet based on the value of your hole cards. For example, don’t raise less with King-Queen suited than you would with Aces.

If you reveal these hands at showdown after the last betting round, your opponents will immediately make the connection and use that information against you in later rounds.

3-betting or re-raising before the flop

3-betting means putting in the third bet. Think of it this way. The big blind is the first bet, the initial raise is the second bet, and the re-raise is the 3-bet. You’ll also hear about 4-betting and 5-betting, typically re-raising once and twice. And now you know why it’s easier to use numbers.

You can re-raise for value or as a bluff. So, if a player at the table calls your raise or re-raise, you will now see a flop. And as the preflop aggressor, the last person to raise, you are expected to make a continuation bet.

Continuation betting

Continuation betting, also known as C-betting, is when the player who made the final raise in the previous betting round is the first to bet in the next game. Players often check the aggressor, expecting them to bet. C-betting for value works because if you connect with the flop or think you still have the best hand, it’s time to build that pot.

C-betting as a bluff also works because even if you haven’t connected with the board, you can pretend you have. Let’s say there’s an Ace on the flop, and you don’t have an Ace. You can bet here, hoping to convince your opponents you have it.

But you shouldn’t be mindlessly C-bet bluffing on every single flop. The best times to do it are when there are apparent draws and very few layers involved in the pot. It’s worth highlighting it isn’t compulsory to C-bet, and checking is not off-limits

Donk Betting

If you are the player who called the original raise, you can take the initiative to bet first after the flop rather than checking with the aggressor. This is called donk betting because novice players might do this without thinking. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

The preflop raiser might check back in situations where multiple players are in the pot and several big draws are possible. There are situations where donk betting can be effective; these include denying free cards and making your opponent pay to continue. You can always do this for value or as a bluff if you think your opponents will fold.

A strong, decisive bet indicates a strong hand, or at least that is what you want your opponents to believe. Mastering the above strategies is essential to improving your effectiveness at betting.

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