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9 Reasons Why You Need An Online PDF Website For Your Business

by Techies Guardian
9 Reasons Why You Need An Online PDF Website For Your Business

9 Reasons Why You Need An Online PDF Website For Your Business – Running a business is not easy. Aside from focusing on the different marketing materials to make sure that you will get many customers, managing the backend of an office is very tedious. Most of the time, you will have to deal with paper works to monitor the progress of your business. That is why any business proprietor needs to utilize some of the best tools to help manage these documents.

One of the most trusted file formats around the world is PDF. It’s a universal file format that can keep a document even a decade after it is saved. Moreover, with a reliable PDF tool, you can surely increase efficiency in running your business. In this article, we will talk about how an online PDF tool can help run your business.

1. Improve productivity by converting PDFs to other files

If you happen to have a PDF file and you need to convert it to other file formats, an online PDF tool can do the job for you. They have a variety of tools that allows you to convert a PDF to word documents, a spreadsheet, a slideshow presentation, and even an image with its JPG to PDF converter. Through this, you can save time creating a new file that is required for your purpose. You can improve your productivity and finish your task right away.

2. Save confidential documents as a permanent file.

As a business holder, you probably have several confidential documents such as client contracts, business reports, and invoices. To keep the integrity of these files, it’s best to convert from Word to PDF. Through this, you can be sure that the content of your files cannot easily be edited. PDF is a permanent file, thus, it is published like an e-book that is best for browsing but not for standalone editing.

3. Sign a PDF file without printing it

One of the hassles of running a business is signing documents. If you are a sole owner, you may need to print a couple of files to sign them. If you are working with a partner, on the other hand, you may need to chase your partner as well for a signature. However, with the help of an online PDF tool, you would not need to worry about that. You can sign a document without printing them.

4. Backup your slideshow presentations

Another important aspect of running a business is to do client presentations. These are important tasks to make sure that you will gain profit. If you are doing these presentations and using a slideshow, you always need to be prepared for any mishaps. As you may know, PowerPoint presentations are not always perfect. So, to make sure that you will always have a backup, you can convert your PowerPoint to PDF as well. You can surely use it to present even when you’re using a tablet or laptop. Moreover, you can also send the slides to your client via email. In that way, they can have a closer review of your presentation.

5. Consolidated multiple PDF files

If you are already using PDF files since you started the business, you will most likely have PDF files saved on your computer. While these files are helpful, they are also eating up the storage of your computer. One of the best ways to fix that is to consolidate your PDF files. First, you need to group your files according to category. After that, you need to merge or combine all related PDFs into one file.

An online PDF tool can help you merge these files in no time. In that way, it will be easier for you to locate a file when you need it, plus it also organizes your computer. It is like hitting two birds with one stone.

6. Edit the content of a PDF file

As mentioned above, you can’t edit PDF files easily. Once you convert a file, it will be an image-finish so you cannot just edit it with a viewer. So, instead of creating another contract for a specific client, what you can do is edit your PDF with an online PDF tool. You can change what is written in there, plus you can add more pages when needed. Once you are done, you can generate another PDF format for a new document.

7. Update the pages of your PDF file

If you do not need to delete several pages on your document, and not just a few sentences, you can do so with an online PDF tool. You can erase as many pages as you need to an existing file and save another PDF for that. The best thing about this is that you do not need to delete the old file with the complete pages. You can have two copies of the file, just in case you need it again in the future.

8. Repair old PDF documents

If you happen to receive a corrupted PDF file from a client or you suddenly cannot open a PDF document, there is no need to panic. An online PDF tool can repair those files for you. All you need to do is upload the file on the tool, and the server will repair the file in no time.

9. Personalize your PDF contents

When running a business, it is necessary to give an identity to all the documents that you are sending out. So, when you are going to send a PDF file to a client or a potential customer, it is ideal to add a watermark that will give an impression of your company. You can choose a logo or any image that you want to use as a watermark.

Moreover, you can also add page numbers of an existing PDF in case you need it. For longer files, it is ideal to use page numbers to make it more organized and more professional.

PDFBear: An all-in-one PDF tool for all your needs

Make sure that your business will always run smoothly. With the help of these PDF features and tools, you can improve the processes of your business. Visit PDFBear to know how else you can utilize an online PDF tool for your business.

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