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Why Online Businesses Need Autosuggest Search Software

by Techies Guardian
Why Online Businesses Need Autosuggest Search Software

Why Online Businesses Need Autosuggest Search Software? – Auto-suggest is also known as autocomplete or search as you type. As you type, it displays your search suggestions at the right of the search bar, helping us to find the most appropriate content quickly. All search engines have algorithms that generate a list of suggestions right away from when we type the first character. These suggestions are predictions on how our query can be best put to get the most relevant results.

On the other hand, the auto-suggest search software uses artificial intelligence to provide us with the most appropriate suggestions of complete phrases associated with the phrase or the keyword we type. And the autosuggest search software is usable on any platform. Below are the reasons why online businesses need auto-suggest search software.

Autosuggest Prevents The “No Results Found” Message

The intelligent search software is configured so that it autocompletes suggestions that can be found on the site. The system achieves this functionality by avoiding typo errors and therefore guarantees to return results. The next autocomplete in the system is typo tolerant, preventing the chances of returning a no result due to accidentally autocompleting a misspelled word. The software also autocompletes only the queries retrievable from the business’s site.

The Search Software Engages Users with More Content

Autocomplete suggestions are interactive because if the autosuggest widget is well designed, it articulates the search queries better. It helps the user navigate the site by showing educational and non-product content. For this purpose, the auto-suggest widget is divided into three sections; the categories section, the products section, and the blog articles sections.

Autocomplete Reduces In-Store Friction

Auto-suggest software provides smooth navigation through the site by helping customers to get instant suggestions of the products they want to shop for. Therefore, the instant suggestions shorten the customer’s journey to the shopping cart. The software also employs machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide customers with personalized suggestions based on product search history. Personalized search suggestions can dramatically reduce search time and boost conversion rates.

Autosuggest Search Software Improves User’s Experience

The ability of the autocomplete software to provide visitors with what they want significantly boosts their satisfaction with your services and their experience on the site. The ease of use of your site improves your brand image and can help grow the number of customers and lead to repeated customer purchases. The visitors are also more willing to check out products from your site as they know it would take much of their valuable time to get what they want.


The features that make auto-suggest search software vital in improving the user’s experience on online business sites include; typo-tolerance, instant suggestions, and the ability to highlight the differences in various suggestions. These features help avoid the return of “no results found “to users; smart suggestions also engage users with more content and reduce in-store friction.

The ability of the smart suggests software to provide users with instant results of what they are looking for promotes the business’s brand image and leads to a growing number of new customers and repeated purchases.

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