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Is the No Code is Future of AI?

by Techies Guardian
Is the No Code is Future of AI

Is the No Code is Future of AI? – The term “no-code” is more than a marketing tactic. It sure is a revolution. Before no-code, you needed a technical web developer to create a website. Bubble, Webflow, Card, and many other visual tools are already available. In AI, the same thing happened. To build and implement AI models before non-code ones, you need data scientists, data engineers, and machine learning engineers. Now you can use AI without writing any code.

While no-code network development has been around for decades (think blogger.com since the late 90s), no-code AI is relatively new. As the number of low- or no-code AI tools expands, it’s essential to understand the big picture because not all solutions are created equal, and creating and deploying AI can still be difficult for you. Non-technical people.

We looked at various AI options without code. We found that many no-code tools come at a cost. If they provided too many useful features, they often compromised usability, and if they offered usability, they often sacrificed performance and a clear value proposition.

Don’t have a code for everything?

No-code platforms can now be used to build entire businesses. Here are some examples of popular applications without code:

  • Websites & landing pages with Webflow, Bubble, or Card
  • Mobile applications with Adalo or Mendix
  • Chatbots with Landbot, FlowXO or Chatbot.com
  • Databases with Airtable
  • Integrations with Zapier or Integrate
  • Ecommerce with Shopify
  • Associations with MemberStack or MemberSpace
  • Newsletters with Mailchimp or Mailjet

Is Ai the Future of Everything?

There is no denying that no code is the future and artificial intelligence pave the way for the future. Only a quarter of a percent of the world’s population can code. Anyone can learn to use any code quickly and effortlessly. AI now affects virtually every aspect of your life. When you walk into a Walmart, you will notice many employees optimized with artificial intelligence to meet demand. When you go into a McDonald’s, you are just another little data point in their huge customer demand models.

AI-powered recommendations appear when you use Amazon, Netflix, Tinder, Spotify, Medium, Google Search, or YouTube. Surprisingly, Amazon’s recommendation services provide up to 35% of your earnings.

However, these multi-billion dollar corporations can hire large teams of data scientists, data engineers, artificial intelligence engineers, and others to work on complicated machine learning projects for years.

These efforts are not practical for SMEs, especially since data scientists in the United States earn six-figure salaries. It should not take months or cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for a business to increase sales, convert more leads, minimize churn, or improve other KPIs. It should be simple and inexpensive. That’s where unprogrammed AI comes in.

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