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How Much A CPA or Personal Tax Accountant Cost to Hire in US

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Knowing How Much Does a CPA or a Personal Tax Accountant Cost to Hire in the US

How Much A CPA or Personal Tax Accountant Cost to Hire in US? – Generally speaking, the cost to hire a CPA or a personal tax accountant depends upon a variety of factors, and is calculated on an hourly basis. The fees of an accountant, usually ranges from $30 – $100, depending upon the type of services offered. Well, in most of the cases, the fees of an accountant depend on the geographical location, experience of the accountant and the job description.

So, it would not be wrong to say that the fee is directly proportional to the workload and how frequently you need their services. And, it is an agency like “Ageras” that can help you get access to some of the top personal tax accountants and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) in your city, by offering competitive quotes. You simply need to fill out an online application form on their company website, mentioning your job role requirements, and they provide three non-binding quotes within 1-2 days.

Why Hire a Tax Accountant or a CPA?

Every single business, big or small, requires the services of personal tax accountants, cost accountants and CPAs, so as to be economical and cut costs on non-core business expenditure. This is the only reason for hiring an accountant, as the main objective is not only to minimize expenditure, but reduce hassles too. Today, with the arrival of the latest accounting software, it has become easy to streamline the corporate accounting process.

Be it maintaining the payroll or performing services like Bookkeeping Services Toronto, final accounts, depreciation, balance sheet, tax calculation, etc. has now been made relatively easy. But, that has no impact on cost. It is because the services of a physical accountant or a CPA are always required, when it comes to crucial financial advice, tax advisory solutions and business consultancy. So, you need to understand why it is important to hire an accountant and know what the cost incurred is.

Does a Business or Organization Need an Accountant

It is 100% required, as an accountant can maintain a ‘clean’ and transparent record of the bills, financial statements, invoices, receipts, cash transactions, income, expenditure, rewards, monetary benefits, etc. It is accurately maintained in a physical file or over a Cloud storage device. This is essential for future business planning, company growth and help in making foolproof investment decisions. Hiring a CPA or an accountant also saves time, as you’re able to focus on the core business deliverable, leaving all your accounting, taxation & audit related worries to one such specialized professional. You can now hire a bookkeeper, tax preparer, a personal tax accountant or a CPA for all the miscellaneous tasks.

It basically comprises of:

  • Financial statement generation
  • Audits & assurance
  • Forensic accounting
  • Tax advisory & consultancy
  • Corporate account audit
  • Filing of year income tax returns
  • Managing bookkeeping
  • Yearly tax preparation

So, before hiring the services of a CPA or a certified business accountant, it is always advised to learn how much does a CPA cost to hire in the US, especially near you. And, if you’re not bothered about the cost factor, you can always look for any top-notch accountancy firm or a registered CPA that can charge anything in-between $100 – $500 per hour. As a recipient of an accounting service, you can easily calculate how many hours you would be spending monthly on preparing taxes, payroll, final accounts book or for filing returns.

An accounting service finding partner like “Ageras” can always help you find some of the leading accounting firms and CPAs that charge a nominal and decent hourly rate. As an accountant will also be performing tasks like auditing finances and collecting business taxes, their rates can vary. As I said earlier, it all depends on the nature of work, overall workload, geographical location and type of accounting service.

Other Service Areas of an Accountant

An experienced tax accountant or a certified public accountant is required in the area of financial consultancy, business advice, handling income tax returns and maintaining financial records. So, you can think of hiring an accountant near you on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, solely depending upon your specific business requirements and the overall volume of work.

The Average Cost to Hire an Accountant

As earlier mentioned, it all depends upon the nature, extent and volume of work, apart from the experience of the accountant and the geographical location. For example, it would cost you much higher to hire an accountant in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston or New York, when compared to smaller cities like Denver, Tempe, Boise or Milwaukee. Significantly, it also depends upon the kind of accounting service to be performed. Whether it needs a specialized intervention in the form of a CPA, or whether it can be accomplished by a general business or tax accountant. Based upon these factors, the prices vary. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average rate of an accountant can start from $40 per hour, but it is not at all regulated by the government, under local laws. Therefore, it is hard to determine the actual hourly rate of an accountant or a CPA.

It again depends on the frequency and type of work. For example an internal tax audit would certainly cost more than bookkeeping, or for that matter a tax preparation. Tricky and complex financial audits can cost more than general accounting tasks like payroll management. An accountant for a small company can charge anything around $150 per hour, whereas a CPA can charge an average of $600 per hour for large organizations and companies. The cost usually varies from one accountant to another. Moreover, the cost of a newly appointed accountant would be significantly lower than an experienced CPA or an auditor.

Final Thoughts

So, when you’re choosing or hiring an accountant near you or in your city, you need to consider the size of your business, the type of project and what kind of experience you want in a professional. Based upon these factors, the cost would vary. And, there are expert agencies like “Ageras” that can easily help you out in finding a certified accountant or a CPA near you, by offering competitive quotes to compare. This is how you’re able to get access to some of the qualified business accountancy firms and professionals in your city of residence.

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