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Managed vs. Unmanaged Switch: What Is Right for Your Network?

by Techies Guardian
Managed vs. Unmanaged Switch_ What Is Right for Your Network

Managed vs Unmanaged Switch: What Is Right for Your Network? – One of the first – and main – decisions that you will have to make when selecting a network switch is whether you should select a managed or unmanaged version. In some instances, your decision may seem fairly obvious. In other cases, though, you may need to consider the factors of your company as well as that of the devices before making your decision. To help you with this, here are some elements for you to consider:

Are You Looking for Simple and Cost-Effective?

If your company is only just starting out and is still on a small scale, then you may not be looking to spend too much money. And, in case your tech skills or those of your employees are minimal, then you are going to look for a hassle-free option.

For these set of requirements, an unmanaged switch would be the way to go. With its plug-and-play features and basic setup, this works well for smaller companies. Bear in mind that this option may not be suitable for all small businesses.

For example, if your organization tackles and transfers significant amounts of data on a regular basis, then you may find that an unmanaged system just may not be able to keep up.

Is Freedom of Configuration Important to You?

Do you want total control over your LAN? If so, a managed option such as IE 3300 8P2S E will be the way to go. Here, you will be able to oversee, manage, and configure the LAN. Not only will give you the freedom to create new LANS, but you will also be able to organize your traffic more effectively. This is because you will be able to segregate smaller devices.

Unmanaged options, on the other hand, have a fixed configuration. As such, you will not be able to make any alterations to the network. Once again, this will not be an issue for a smaller company with limited data exchange. Anything more than this, though, and a managed option will make more sense.

Would You Like to Prioritize Your Resources?

If you want an efficient network, then it is important to know that your resources are being divided up in an efficient manner. With a managed switch such as HP Aruba 2540 24G POE+ 4SFP+ you are given the ability to prioritize the channels. With the help of Simple Network Management Protocol, you will be able to identify how each device on the network performs.

In addition to this, you can also determine how each device is performing. In short, you can ensure that each device is functioning in the manner that it is should. And that the resources are being divided in an efficient manner. Best of all, you can do all of this remotely! These aren’t advantages that you can enjoy with an unmanaged option.

It is clear to see that the managed switches do win the day. They are the most obvious choice, particularly if you are looking for efficient functioning or are planning on expanding your business. Unmanaged is best reserved for small, up-and-coming operations.

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