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8 Tips to Avoid Vehicle Accidents Involving Animals

by Techies Guardian
8 Tips to Avoid Vehicle Accidents Involving Animals

Tips to Avoid Vehicle Accidents Involving Animals – Animal-vehicle collisions aren’t just costly but will be very dangerous. Among last some years, animal-vehicle collisions have contributed to over 2,080 fatal incidents all over the nation. No matter whether dog, deer, moose, and squirrel, animals on the roadway are totally unexpected and actions will be unpredictable and erratic, creating a dangerous situation for the motorists. The driver needs to use caution and stay alert to avoid getting involved in the collision with the wildlife. Most of the wildlife-vehicle collisions happen during the winter, and most can be preventable. In worst case if it happens, you should be able to claim the damages via insurance. You can get help of renowned firms like The Barnes Firm etc. to get yourself assisted during the claim process.

1. Don’t panic.

That depends on the species of the animal that you find on the road, it can be quite a startling situation. Keep in mind that getting prepared & thinking ahead can reduce your odds or animal you encounter getting injured.

2. Slow Down

Another important way you can avoid collisions with the wildlife is by slowing down &observing your speed limit. You need to give yourself a little time to break in case the animal comes in your path, particularly if you’re driving in the areas with high deer populations. You need to pay attention to wildlife crossing signs! They are posted in the areas that are active for wildlife encounters.

3. Stay vigilant

When you are driving in the mountains and countryside, the wild animal accident gets the real possibility. When you drive, anticipate what is around the corner. Suppose you see any signs that include the presence of the wildlife activity, you must slow down, take caution & expect unexpected. Remember some animals go in groups. Suppose you spot one, others might be nearby.

4. Swerving isn’t a right option

Suppose you’re traveling on the empty roadway at slow speeds, swerving will be the most effective way of preventing the collision with any animal. This being said, in each instance swerving can cause harm.

5. Dusk & dawn driving

There are specific times when the probability of animal accidents with vehicles increases. Deer are mainly active at the time of evenings and during nights when they’re hardest to spot.

6. Use Your Eyes

Never rely on the hood whistles & other devices for scaring away deer. AN effective way you can avoid the collision is by keeping your eyes always on the road. During the night, look for the glowing eyes of animals from distance. You can enlist the passengers that will help you look for the wildlife on and near the road.

Slow down when you see any animal. Fast check the rear view mirror and see if there is another car driving behind you. Suppose there is not any approaching vehicle, it is possible to stop before reaching the animal. Never apply brakes very hard and quickly that your vehicle skids.

7. Use Horn

Suppose any animal is standing near the road, you can try flashing the lights and honking in a series of bursts to encourage the animal to leave that area before you go ahead. Deer get mesmerized by the steady lights of the cars & freeze along the roadsides. Give them the flash or you can honk to scare deer out of your way. This can help to alert drivers to stop or slow down.

8. Use middle lane

You can apply this tip when you are driving on a multi-lane highway. At times just some inches and feet will be a difference whether you can avoid the animal collision. Driving in a center lane offers you a bit more breathing & reduces any chance of hitting the animal.

Final Words

In an event of an animal accident, what can you do? Suppose it is a large animal, just pull off-road to the safe space.

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